What are the health benefits of quitting smoking? 

What are the health benefits of quitting smoking? 

Smoking cigarettes can be considered a bad habit because it can give you so many diseases. In fact, there is a reason why there is an advertisement regarding possible diseases that smokers can get on each cigarette box. It simply means smoke at your own risk because obviously, smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. By smoking, you will get a higher chance of getting diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, mouth cancer, asthma attack, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) and so on. Not just that, the smoke that comes from smoking cigarettes can also give a bad effect towards anyone that inhales it, especially those around the smoker himself. These people will get the same high probability of getting diseases caused by smoking cigarettes. What is the reason behind this? Well, a cigarette contains a lot of harmful substances inside it such as lead, tar and nicotine. These are the materials that are responsible for getting you lung and heart diseases. However, do not be afraid about this fact if you are a smoker. This is because it is never too late to start smoking cessation on your own and achieve a healthier life. There are a lot of health benefits that you can get when you quit smoking. Continue reading this article to find out about 5 main benefits that you will get when you quit smoking.

  1. Healthier lungs

As mentioned above, smoking cigarettes will mostly affect your lungs and give you lung diseases such as COPD, asthma attack and also lung cancer in the future. This is because all the harmful materials inside a cigarette will go to your lungs first after you inhale the cigarette smoke. Hence, when you stop smoking, your lungs will become healthier. Furthermore, a research that was done before also shows that the lung’s condition will return back to normal if a smoker stops smoking for 10 years. So, of course it is never too late to stop smoking.

  1. Reduce risk of heart disease

This is also already mentioned in the first paragraph. Smoking can also cause heart disease because it can weaken and damage your coronary artery, causing blockage inside the vessel. When blockage inside the artery happens, this will block the oxygenated blood from reaching your heart. As time goes by, your heart will be deprived of oxygen and this is how you can get a heart attack from smoking too much. So, stopping smoking will be beneficial to your heart.

  1. Rediscover your smell and taste

For a heavy smoker, it is normal for your smell and taste to be reduced. This is because smoking cigarettes can also attack and damage your taste and smell receptors. Once you stop smoking, you might rediscover them. You will soon realize that smoking cessation will make you want to enjoy your life more than ever.

  1. Healthier family

Smoking cigarettes does not just affect yourself, it can also affect other people especially the one that is always close to you. In this context, your family or your friends that share the same house, workplace or teleportation with you. This is what we call secondary smoking. People around you might have inhaled the cigarette’s smoke and as a result, they will also get the same effects as you do. If you love the people around you, then quitting smoking is the best thing to do.

  1. Live longer

Lastly, quitting smoking will obviously let you live longer. If you value your life, then stopping smoking altogether might be the best decision that you ever made. So start now and you will not regret your decision.

Martin Dupuis