Viral Infections, the Immune System, and Antiviral Supplements

Viral Infections, the Immune System, and Antiviral Supplements

We will undoubtedly notice an increase in the number of colds, chills, and other viral diseases now that summer is ended and winter weather is coming. A simple viral infection like a cold can leave the elderly and the unwell vulnerable to attack from more deadly infections. For the majority of us, a cold is a modestly dismal inconvenience that at most leaves us in bed for a day or two.

Why there are no treatments for colds and the flu is a common mystery. With all that modern science is capable of, they reason, that treating a straightforward illness like a cold should be simple.

The issue is not that we do not fully understand how viruses like cold and flu viruses operate—we do—but rather how quickly they mutate, or how quickly one type of cold can transform into another.

Understanding the virus

First, let’s examine what a virus is. One biologist amusingly quipped that viruses are “a small piece of genetic code wrapped in bad news.” Since viruses are completely parasitic and lack the cells and other components of life, they are not considered to be living things.

Viruses simply enter a living cell, which might be that of a bacterium, a plant, a fungus, or an animal cell, including a human cell, and take over that cell’s functional components. The virus is then made to multiply within the cell until there are so many copies that the cell ruptures, allowing all of the tiny copies to freely attack nearby cells. For viral infection treatments and prescribed drugs visit

The straightforward nature of virus

Viruses are straightforward. A typical virus only has a tiny amount of genetic material, such as DNA or RNA, which is protected by a strong protein shell (the bad news).

The virus can enter a cell because of the very particular structure of this protein coat. Simply said, the virus (or at least its genetic material) enters the cell when the protein coat binds to structures on the target cell’s surface. Once inside, the genetic material of the virus takes control of the cell and creates millions of fresh copies.

Most of the time, these clones are exact replicas of the original virus, but occasionally (approximately once in a billion copies), there is a mutation.

The treatment

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Buying the prescription drugs

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