The Types of PRP Kits That You Should Know Before Finalising A PRP Kit

The Types of PRP Kits That You Should Know Before Finalising A PRP Kit

PRP extraction has become quite simple when compared with the previously employed procedures. Nowadays, technology has paved the way for reliable and even easy methods of PRP extraction.

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Finding the Best Platelet-Rich Plasma Kit

Here are some tips for you to find the best quality PRP kit.

Gel Separators 

Gel separators are the units that contain gel at the bottom of the tubes. The main aim of this gel is to separate platelets and blood with the process of osmosis. During the centrifugation process, a certain percentage of platelets will get attached to the get, making the resulting platelets 1.5 times concentrated.

Based on the Buffy Coat, Double-Spin

Buffy Coat Double-Spin PRP Kits is the best and the most opted type of PRP kit. The best part of using this plasma kit is that you can obtain at least 90% – 98% pure platelets. During the double-spin centrifugation process, it will try and isolate the platelets as much as possible from the blood.

Buffy Coat

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The available percentage of platelet–plasma concentration in this type of PRP kit is with the ratio of 5 to 7. During the centrifugation process, the Buffy coat will separate blood from plasma platelets and the white blood cells altogether. You can follow the further separation process and extract plasma in the required pure form.

Leukocyte-Poor Platelet-Rich Plasma

Once you obtain the Platelet-Rich Plasma, you can decide whether or not you need the Platelets that are poor in leukocytes and will be rich in just platelets. Leukocytes are the main component of the bone marrow and participate in the production of new blood cells. Hence, they are rich in TGF (a growth factor) and can inhibit scars on the healing site.

Biosafe Kit

Biosafe kit is considered as the best and also the most preferred type of PRP kit by the researchers. You can easily obtain 5 to 7 time concentrated product of 10cc platelets with the help of double-spin concentration. You can even decide whether you need red blood cells separated or not.

PRP Benefits

Platelet-Rich Plasma is quite beneficial if you look at its previous implications in many fields.

  • Many scientists have won the Nobel Prize for discovering the fact that there is the presence of plasma in the growth factors in the 1950s.
  • Gum healing techniques took a new turn in the 1970s, all because of the use of the PRP.
  • It paved the way for thousands of students to make wonderful discoveries in the world of PRP since then.

Yet, people ask whether PRP will successfully work like they claim them to be. Hundreds of treatment processes were modernized because of the introduction of PRP and the researchers are still indulging in this topic.

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