Significance of Functional Medicine

Significance of Functional Medicine

Food greatly impacts your health. Nutrients from food can prevent diseases and optimize your health. Therefore, functional medicine Edmond, OK applies food as therapy in addressing the main cause of an illness. Conventional medicine may not offer the solution you need for your body to recover, but functional medicine can help identify the cause. The practice gives you a full picture of physical and mental health. Functional medicine also offers uniqueness in the understanding that all bodies perform differently. Thus treatments may vary from one person to another.

What is Functional Medicine?

Some doctors specialize in establishing the root cause of an illness and condition. Such doctors practice functional medicine. Functional medicine looks into the several factors that may cause one condition and vice versa. The factors may include genetics, prescriptions, diet, and hormonal levels. Functional medicine works well in managing chronic conditions, especially when conventional medicine does not help.

What Conditions can Functional Medicine Address?

Functional medicine can solve many health issues, including chronic conditions, depression, and inflammatory diseases. Your functional medicine doctor can also offer preventive care services if you have no chronic conditions.

Why should you Visit a Functional Medicine Doctor?

You are suitable for a visit to a functional medicine doctor if you require longer appointments since they mostly deal with a patient’s history. Therefore, you can spend more time with them and give your detailed history before treatment. You are also suited for this service if you have a chronic condition. You can also seek this service if you need an individualized experience since the practice addresses every patient differently. Lastly, functional medicine offers you alternative treatment options other than prescriptions, including meditation and acupuncture.

What is Nutritional Medicine?

Nutritional medicine focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses through nutritional substances like food and supplements. Your nutrition plays an important part in your health because most chronic conditions develop from the absorption, digestion, and intake of necessary nutrients into the body. Nutritional medicine seeks to find the cause of a disease and then use therapy to improve the health issue. The practice may not treat a disease but addresses the underlying factor of a condition. Nutritional medicine may have similarities to functional medicine as they first apply food as a therapy to address a medical condition.

What can you expect During Your Visit?

You may have to provide detailed medical history information to give your family medicine physician reno nv a basis for finding the root cause of your illness. The information may include your lifestyle habits like diet, exercise, stressors, and work. You may also have to tell your doctor about your family’s medical history and physical and mental health. Your doctor will review your history and then perform tests. You will then get an introduction to what food as medicine entails. Your doctor will outline your treatment plan and help you identify your health goals.

Learn more about functional medicine and the ways food can help you during your chronic management. You can visit The Lamkin Clinic and learn more about the uniqueness of your body’s metabolism. Visit the facility today to begin your treatment. You can also book your appointment online to schedule your visit at your convenient time.

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