Practical Options With same day doctors

Practical Options With same day doctors

When it comes to almost every sector, consumers may expect same-day service. However, outside of emergency situations, this kind of quick response has not always been accessible in the healthcare industry. With the rise of same-day scheduling, this is beginning to change.

In contrast to traditional scheduling, same-day scheduling allows patients seeing a doctor the same day they call, rather than having to book appointments days or weeks in advance. This kind of scheduling allows physicians to see more patients in less time, increases patient happiness, attracts new patients to their practices, decreases patient no-shows, and recovers payment that has been lost. In order to ensure a successful deployment, sufficient planning and procedures must be in place to handle problems such as uneven need and triage requirements.

What You Really Look For

If a patient is not feeling well, it is common for them to request an appointment with same day doctor. Patients who are forced to wait days and weeks to see a doctor end up in emergency rooms, retail clinics, and urgent care facilities, or they forgo seeking treatment altogether. Instead, same-day scheduling ensures that patients see their physicians as soon as possible.

Patients are experiencing lengthier wait times to visit physicians as a result of the shift to same-day scheduling. According to a recent Merritt Hawkins study, Americans wait an average of 24.1 days to obtain a new patient appointment in 15 large urban regions, which is a 30 percent increase since 2014. According to the study, one answer to this issue is to provide same-day or even walk-in care to patients.

Why is it necessary to schedule appointments on the same day?

The increase of same-day appointments is not only motivated by the convenience of patients. It is also about the bottom line for a physician. Missed appointments result in financial losses for physician practices. When a patient makes a booking for an appointment months ahead of time and then fails to show up, the situation may become problematic. Having same-day appointments also helps to decrease the number of obstacles to receiving treatment. Patients are more likely to seek care in a lower-cost facility, such as a physician’s office, if they can see their physicians the same day they seek treatment. Otherwise, they may be forced to go to the emergency department.

The same-day and open access scheduling options are also seen as a defensive measure against retail clinics or urgent care facilities, which accept walk-in patients.

Increasing the frequency of same-day appointments

Change to an appointment system which allows for same-day visits need study, planning and physician buy-in before it can be successfully implemented. When considering a shift to same-day scheduling, Hertz advises businesses to first analyze their no-show and cancellation rates to see how they are impacting their bottom line. They must then analyze their demand for same-day scheduling, as well as the supplier fill rate, in order to decide how many available slots they should provide to their customers.

Leaders must get the support of doctors once they have this information in hand. The majority of doctors, according to Hertz, realize that same-day scheduling is about assisting the patient while also increasing productivity.


The same-day scheduling option, on the other hand, represents a significant shift for doctors, particularly those who are accustomed to knowing their calendars weeks in advance.


Martin Dupuis