New to Cannabis? Note these Do’s and Don’ts

The stigma attached to cannabis has slowly been eroded as more countries and states legalize the drug. With its new status, more people have been turning to weed to manage stress, alleviate pain, or spark some creative energy. So, what should a beginner know before they make their first purchase of cannabis? Read on to find out.

Do: Store the Product Out of the Reach of Children

In Colorado, the legal smoking age is 21, so anyone below this age shouldn’t come near the product. This is especially important if you prefer edibles. Small children can easily confuse edibles for regular snacks and end up with serious issues. It is wise to get a case to store your cannabis and make sure you keep it far away from your kids and pets. If, for any reason, children happen to consume cannabis, you should quickly call 911 as they may experience adverse effects.

Do: Go Low and Go Slow

When buying cannabis in Boulder, CO you should seek help from the attendants. If you’re new to the drug, it is likely that you don’t have an idea of your dosage. Finding the right amount can be complicated since there are no hard and fast rules for dosing; it mostly depends on your body. The best way to establish your dosage is to pick products with low THC concentration and take one or two pulls at a time. With smokable weed, the effects will be felt almost immediately, so you’ll know when to stop. Over time, you’ll understand how much you should take.

Do: Find a Familiar and Comfortable Smoking Environment

You’ll feel safer when smoking weed in a familiar environment. Make sure you’re able to lie down comfortably if you happen to take too much. Have any tasks? Get them done before experimenting with cannabis.

Don’t: Smoke and Drive

It doesn’t matter what you’ve read on Reddit; smoking and driving can be extremely dangerous. In fact, it is illegal. With edibles, the effects can take a while to be noticeable, so you shouldn’t get behind the wheel after eating them.

Don’t: Neglect Hydration

Drinking plenty of water can help prevent the unwanted side effects of cannabis. If you’re planning to spend the day outdoors, you have to carry around a water bottle.

Don’t: Blow Smoke in Someone’s Direction

Blowing smoke in someone’s direction isn’t funny. In fact, most people find it rude as you’re forcing them to inhale second-hand smoke. If you’re sharing a room with other people, consider smoking outside.

Cannabis or weed is a recreational drug that can help you stay relaxed and help you generate creative ideas. If you’re new to smoking weed, you should take note of certain rules. You should store your product out of the reach of kids and pets. Also, take smaller pulls to learn your ideal dosage. Smoking in a familiar environment is also a good idea. Remember to stay hydrated as you smoke and avoid irritating people around you with the smoke. Finally, smoking and driving remains a crime and should be avoided.


Jacques Bedard