Learn How To Take Care Of Eye Health With Tips

Learn How To Take Care Of Eye Health With Tips

Despite being so important to our well-being, eye health is constantly neglected. In general, we only care about it more precisely when a problem arises, which is a mistake. To ensure that your eyes are always healthy, adopting some simple but very effective measures like visiting eye clinic such as discover vision for example is essential. Many of them we must practice every day to prevent problems from manifesting or pre-existing ones from worsening.

Use Your Computer and Cell Phone Properly

When you spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen or watching your cell phone, you tend to open your eyes more and blink less. This practice reduces the natural lubrication of the eyeball, which is essential for eye health. To avoid eye problems resulting from this practice, try to blink more often and take breaks of at least 20 seconds for every 20 minutes you spend looking at the screen. It is also essential to keep the monitor at a distance of 50 centimeters and, if necessary, use an eye drop recommended by your ophthalmologist. Also, try to adjust the screen settings properly, especially about brightness, so it is not too bright.

Avoid The Use Of Eye Drops Without Indication

Did you notice that we talked about using eye drops in the previous tip? The indiscriminate use of this product can also bring complications to eye health. We cannot forget that it is a medicine. Therefore, it must be prescribed according to the needs of each person. Therefore, avoid eye self-medication and use eye drops only with the guidance of a professional.

Try Not To Scratch Your Eyes

We cannot deny that itchy eyes are uncomfortable, but scratching is very harmful and should be avoided. The effort made on the eyeball can cause several problems, such as retinal detachment. astigmatism, keratoconus, etc. In addition, the hand can transfer dirt and harmful microorganisms to the eyes, triggering illness. So, when the itching appears, try to blink your eyes to relieve it and, if necessary, wash them with water to eliminate any particles that may be causing this reaction.

Moderate your sugar intake

Excessive sugar consumption harms the body in general due to the excess glucose that accumulates in the blood. Eye health is also compromised by this unbalanced diet, especially for those who already have diabetes. This excess blood sugar can trigger diabetic retinopathy, which we have already mentioned in this article. The ideal for those who do not have diabetes is to moderate the consumption of sweets, and those who already have the disease should keep it under control and make more rigorous eye monitoring.

Refrain From Smoking

Cigarettes are bad for the whole body, being a risk factor for several diseases and causing significant damage to the eyes’ health. This is because the toxins present in it impair blood circulation. Therefore, try to abstain from the habit of smoking so as not to favor the development of macular degeneration, cataract, or cause damage to the optic nerve. Did you know that, in the latter case, the individual can lose their vision completely? Learn more about lasik pros and cons here.

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