Hush Kush joint tube

Hush Kush joint tube

Finding a good, durable, economical and customizable pouches for carrying and storying your Cannabis can sometimes be hectic. Hush-Kush joint tube is the best solution for your problem, Hush Kush joint tube is a Hush-Kush pouches that are made in CANADA with the perma-B technology. They aim at storing cannabis in several modes, whether it’s dried flower buds, half smoked joints or pre-rolls, just any form. To cure your curiosity on which is the best bag for your cannabis let dive into the Hush-Kush joint tube features:

The tubes were made to be waterproof and smell proof

From ‘’THE ORIGINAL’’ their design was made to ensure the quality of the cannabis remains as natural as ever. The water proof tube prevents water or moisture of any kind from getting in contact with cannabis while the smell proof does not allow it to lose its original smell and flavor.


Hush Kush joint tube is made to be portable. When travelling, walking or skiing you can carry your cannabis with you in a joint tube. This ensure you have it wherever you go without the fear of it getting exposed. You can pack it in your bag or have it in your pocket wherever you want it, it fits.

Biodegradable and Reusable

The Hush Kush joint tube was made in a way that it does not pose any threat to the environment by having it biodegradable .It can be washed and reused for over a period of 1 year without losing its smell proof ability and reusability. This makes it more economical since you are not required to find a new one anytime soon.

Colorful and compact

The tubes are in variety when it comes to color hence the choice to choose whichever color you love most. The tubes being compact means their durability is reliable, being colorful makes them stylistic.


The tubes are size adjustable, meaning you can make them smaller to fit smaller amount of your cannabis or adjust them to fit several rolls whenever needed.


Hush Kush joint tube are made of genuine leather and designed to protect the gear you wish to carry around discretely.

With all that, the choices on how can you store your cannabis in a condition where it can’t lose its flavor and potency is cured. Get one and have your problem solved once and for all.


Jacques Bedard