How to Use Space Buckets for Home Cultivation

How to Use Space Buckets for Home Cultivation

Space buckets may not be the ‘final frontier’ in technology for growing cannabis at home. But for patients with medical cards in jurisdictions where home-growing cannabis is legal, it makes things easier. Setting up a space bucket not only boosts the success of home cultivation, but it reduces energy and equipment costs.

An online search of space buckets will show various DIY designs, from using large plastic Rubbermaid type containers to the conventional stack of five-gallon buckets. No matter what containers you use to construct your space bucket, there are common basic steps. In less than two hours, you can set up your first space bucket to start growing (and saving money) right away.

Basic Requirements and Conditions for Cultivating Cannabis

You may have heard that cannabis is a difficult plant to cultivate, even for people who have experience growing indoor or outdoor plants. But the rules of growing cannabis are straightforward. You just have to follow them precisely to get the results you want.

Cannabis plants need twelve (12) hours of UV light daily and exactly twelve (12) hours of darkness. One of the reasons why patients choose to grow cannabis in a space bucket is to precisely control light. With a flick of a switch (and a timer), you can guarantee that your plants are getting the right amount of light and rest time.

Soil quality is also essential. Cannabis needs to grow and bloom to produce flower or bud for harvest. If it doesn’t have enough nutrients in the soil, cannabis plants can’t develop a healthy root structure. And that is how you end up with plants that have thin stems, few leaves, and no flower.

Basic loam soil is the best place to start. Loam is a moist soil that has living microorganisms. It has a strong odor because of the nutrients in the soil. Some at-home growers also add worm casting soil. Worm castings can be a little expensive, but it is a long-lasting and rich natural fertilizer for cannabis. 

How Many Space Buckets Should You Set Up?

Cannabis is classified as an annual plant. Not one that continues to grow year after year (perennial). Once the growth cycle is complete and you harvest your flowers, you will need to start another seedling. For this reason, patients who are legally authorized to grow at home have more than one space bucket.

Check with your state medical cannabis authority to learn how many mature plants and seedlings you are legally permitted to grow. At the time of writing, there were eighteen (18) out of twenty-six (26) legalized states allow registered patients to grow at home. 

Some people are successful at growing cannabis from seeds. However, it is really difficult. For instance, if you are reserving seeds from cannabis you bought at a dispensary, the seeds may not germinate. When you let your cannabis plant ‘go to seed,’ the plant releases a hormone that causes it to die. If you cultivate your flower before seeds are produced, it may be possible to harvest from your plant for a year or longer. 

What Are the Advantages of Using Space Buckets to Grow Cannabis?

If you live in a subtropical or hot region, you may be wondering if you should grow your cannabis outside. There are many reasons why growing indoors produces better quality cannabis. Even though, over time, indoor growing can be more expensive.

Climate control is the top advantage of using a space bucket to grow indoors. Space buckets have an air intake fan and an exhaust fan. You can even install a moisture monitor inside your space bucket to get alerts when the soil is too wet or too dry. Soil that has too much moisture can create mold on the plant and fungus in the root system.

It is hard to control the amount of light and darkness your cannabis plant(s) receive outside. Many different plants thrive in a high-sun, and minimal shade grow cycle. But cannabis is a plant that needs its ‘beauty rest.’ If it doesn’t get twelve (12) hours of darkness daily, the plant will not grow well. In a space bucket, you can set your lights to an automated timer and accurately schedule them.

The cost of building a space bucket is usually under $200. That is a lot more affordable than building a tent or a greenhouse. It is a small one-time investment to build your own do-it-yourself DIY space bucket and start cultivating at home. And you can use your space bucket(s) indefinitely, easily replacing lights or fans as required.

Other Benefits of Using Space Buckets for Home Cultivation

Why do so many people prefer using space buckets to grow cannabis at home? In addition to the cost-saving advantages (versus a tent grow set-up), space buckets offer additional benefits:

  • Space buckets help reduce energy costs and waste. The space bucket can be sealed to prevent excessive heat or moisture loss. Lights and intake and exhaust fans can also be rigged for solar power to reduce your energy consumption.
  • Secures cannabis plants and reduces pests. That includes common cannabis infesting insects like aphids and greenflies.
  • Space buckets optimize your growth volume without taking up a lot of space.
  •  Easily expandable to accommodate cannabis plants as they grow. Simply add another ring or two to increase the overall height of your bucket as required. This is an advantage over other styles of enclosed container methods, like using plastic Rubbermaid containers.

One of the top reasons why medical cardholders prefer space buckets is because they are discreet. You may not want other people to know you are growing at home for medicinal use. Space buckets can fit into a closet or a small outdoor shed. That helps secure your cannabis plants against theft and access by minors.



Johnny Burrell