How I Became More Confident Smiling With Invisible Aligners
Would you believe that smiling can make your look beautiful? Without reading any studies or doing research, I already found the answer. After wearing an Invisalign, its cost is worth every penny. I am glad I listened to my boss, got an Invisalign and threw away the idea of me looking like Betty La Fea from the old Spanish TV series I Love Betty La Fea. Do not take me wrong, but wearing prescription glasses and braces does not match, especially because I have a high grade of 800. The good news is that there are many types of braces nowadays. The ones I bought have clear or transparent aligners in Singapore, unlike traditional braces. Its transparency makes it invisible, and no one could guess I am wearing one without them looking closely. Although I work as a hotel receptionist, no customers would be in the right mind to bother to check whether or not I am wearing braces. My boss even advised me to feel more confident and smile naturally so no one would notice.

Why Now, Why Not Before?

Living in Lion City does not necessarily mean you are rich. I was born and raised in an average household, so getting invisible braces in Singapore was already a luxury when I was young. Even though I have always been insecure about my uneven teeth, I did not have trouble asking my parents to help me fix the imperfections of my teeth. Nevertheless, becoming beautiful was not my main priority back then. Studying and getting excellent grades is. But now things have changed. Now that I am working as a hotel receptionist, I should look presentable as much as possible. I thought I was doing well with my polished appearance, but one day my boss called me about my job performance. He said that many customers complained about how cheerless I was when greeting them and asked me if there was something wrong or am I happy with my work. Despite feeling embarrassed about the cause, I was afraid to lose my job. No matter how trivial I thought my reason was, I told my boss I was ashamed to smile because I did not have perfect teeth like others. I thought he would laugh at me, but he smiled.

My Boss Recommended That I Should Wear Invisalign

After a few seconds, he told me about his story of when he was a teenager. He used to be insecure about his crooked and yellowish teeth but wearing Invisalign. They are invisible braces in Singapore that he has worn for two years, which changed his life.
This dental appliance has straightened his teeth and given him a perfect smile. I thought that he was only telling me a story to relieve my insecurities, but he gave me his dentist’s calling card. My boss said I should go there during my day off and mentioned his name so I could get a discount when I got mine. It has been two years since then, and I can now smile freely. If you want to get a perfect smile like mine and my boss, go to My Braces Clinic and get an Invisalign for an affordable cost.

Jacques Bedard