How Delta 8 Changed Cannabis Experience

How Delta 8 Changed Cannabis Experience

Delta 8, the most well-known cannabinoid is truly a game changer. Because it could legally get you high, it changed the way people view hemp. Let’s look at how Delta 8 has changed cannabis, both for the better and worse.

Why Is Delta 8 So Popular?

A new product, Delta 8, was introduced by CBD companies. People in states that have legalized cannabis suddenly can get high.

CBD Began Delta 8

People living in states that had cannabis prohibitions could only consume CBD before Delta 8. This left many wanting more CBD, but The Farm Bill of 2018, however, prevented them from getting it.

Delta 8 is a lesser-known Cannabinoid. It’s not Marijuana compliant, so it was Hemp compliant. Delta 8 was able to get you high and had effects similar to CBD and Marijuana.

Most States are Legal

Legislators took some time to understand what was happening so Delta 8 went unchecked for long periods. Delta 8 was legalized in the state where Marijuana was illegal. This is because Delta 8 is made from Hemp.

There was an immediate demand for everything Delta 8. There were only a handful of companies that had successfully transitioned from CBD into Delta 8. 

Delta 8 Is Less Expensive Than Cannabis

People in illegal states of Marijuana were able to reap the benefits of Delta 8. But legal states also loved it. Delta 8 is cheaper than Marijuana.

You will pay higher taxes in states where cannabis legalization is implemented. This tax is passed on to the consumer. You can order THC products shipped to your home for a lower price for the same high. You can also enjoy the same flavors and strains as you would normally get.

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