Hear My Case: TCM For Fertility Works

‘When will you get married and have kids?’ said my Aunt, who came home for Christmas. She always says this phrase every year, and it gets worse as my younger sisters are getting married before me. While there is no hierarchy of who will tie the knot first, they still expected I should go first since I am the oldest among five siblings. But that is not how reality works—I am the last one to get married, which happens three years later than my youngest sister.

Due to my age, I have no hope of getting pregnant. I enjoyed being an Aunt taking care of my nieces and nephews. That was not the case for my husband. He wanted to have a child because he always dreamed about having a mini version of himself or me. To fulfil his wishes, we signed up for infertility treatment in Singapore.

It is a traditional Chinese medicine program that allows us to discover and resolve our fertility issues.

‘Both of you should consider losing weight’, our TCM doctor said. They informed us that our body mass index (BMI) was unfavourable for conceiving. Our TCM doctor stated that the body’s fatty tissues were interfering with our hormones, which might affect our fertility rate.

Resolving Fertility Issues One After Another

We were initially terrified of what lay ahead of us, but as time passed, I found myself wishing the same as my husband. Since we cannot do anything about our age, we try to resolve the other fertility issues. Before getting a TCM for fertility, we signed up for Herbal Medication and Dietary Changes. This programme has helped us lose weight apart from going to the gym four times a week.

We rested for a week after getting a health assessment. After all, we wanted to make sure that we were okay and everything was fine before getting acupuncture for fertility in Singapore.

A week after, we started undergoing two sessions of acupuncture for fertility, and it lasted for a year. My husband and I had a fair share of struggles since it was not that easy to juggle our personal lives with work. When our bosses heard about our plans to conceive, they allowed us to use our annual leave for our honeymoon. I must say that having alone time together without worrying about work or deadlines helped us with our lovemaking.

What Should You Avoid After Getting Acupuncture For Fertility?

Rest and eat a healthy balanced diet. After each session of acupuncture for fertility, my husband and I ensured that we always got enough rest. We tried our best with our lovemaking the next day, and no matter how much we wanted to have a baby, we did not push our bodies to the limit. Since we are already old, too many rounds of sex can be tiring.

After a year since our first TCM for fertility, we finally conceived—a baby boy. Even though the delivery was easy, my body had a hard time recovering. I had to get lymphatic drainage in Singapore to rebalance my hormones and flush away the excess fluids.

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Clare Louise