Hair care fundamentals

Hair care fundamentals

Effortlessly gorgeous mane comes naturally to some, but that is due to some guardian angel only. For the rest of us plebian population, hair is a constant source of stress and require maintenance 24/7.

Hair Issues

Firstly, there is the major problem of hair fall; from the skimpy scalp, to clogged shower drain, there is plenty of evidence of this big issue.

However, it is not just the hair fall that is exasperating; the unruly mane, the split ends and the sheer lifelessness of the hair are also a perpetual with most of us. This is common especially when the weather is changing, and our hair are acclimatizing to this change. Humidity also has another beef with our hair.

While certain scalp problems and skin conditions can be behind itchy head, which you should get treated by Best Skin specialist in Islamabad, there are certain steps you can do to take care of your hair.

Hair care fundamentals

Just as you need a proper skincare ritual for a glowing and healthy skin, you should also have a proper hair care routine to get shiny hair.

Use the correct shampoo

When to shampoo, how much of product to use and choice of shampoo are important points to consider with regards to your hair cleaning routine.

If you use too much of shampoo, you are stripping off the natural oils of the scalp. This causes the sebaceous glands to go into overdrive. Consequently, hair get greasy far too often, starting a vicious cycle where you then need to shampoo them more often then.

Moreover, you need to rinse hair only once, unless they are very dirty. In that case, you need to first rinse to clear out the gunk, and then to clean the hair.

Furthermore, there are different types of shampoos. One is clarifying shampoo, which helps in removing the buildup on the scalp. This is to be used only once a month, as otherwise, it can be too harsh for the scalp.

If you have fine hair that get greasy very often, you should use a daily shampoo instead. Apply the shampoo to your scalp only, and not to the tips of the hair, as it will then stripe off the shine from the ends otherwise.

Use a conditioner

Conditioners are not for cleaning your hair but nourishing the hair. Conditioners carry the properties that you desire otherwise from your hair; like straight, soft and smooth strands.

Moreover, conditioners should be applied properly. Do not apply to your scalp; conditioner needs to be applied only to the ends of the hair. Applying to roots causes hair to weigh down and buildup on the scalp.  

Furthermore, conditioner also protect the hair, as it forms a layer atop the hair. Not only are the strands protected from environmental damage, but the heat treatments like blow dry etc. as well then.

Proper rinse

Unless you have a leave-in conditioner, you need to make sure that you properly rinse out your hair. Even after shampooing, make sure that you wash off the product completely and properly.

Otherwise, the product will buildup on the scalp, and stifle the scalp skin.

Temperature of the water

You may love the hot showers, especially through the cold winters, however, you need to reel back on the temperature if you want shiny mane.

Hot water strips your hair and scalp of the essential oils, and thus makes the hair dull and lifeless.

Hot showers are not good for your skin either, as they also make it dry, perpetuating conditions like eczema that then require treatment from a dermatologist in Lahore. Thus, do

yourself a favor and avoid all this trouble by bathing in lukewarm water.

Clare Louise