Eye Conditions That Can be Corrected Using an Eyelid Lift

Eye Conditions That Can be Corrected Using an Eyelid Lift

According to the CDC, about 11 million Americans aged 40 and over have various problems affecting their eyes. Most eye problems can be addressed through conservative or non-surgical treatments. Sometimes though, you may need an eyelid lift Downingtown. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that about 183,000 eyelid surgeries are performed in the US.

Aging causes the loosening of muscles of your eyelids, and thus the eyelids stretch. An eyelid surgery or lift involves the invasive lessening of the tissues and skin from the lower or upper eyelid or both. As a result, the appearance of your eyelids will be enhanced. Here are eye problems that can be corrected through an eyelid lift.

Droopy eyelids

Your eyelid can become droopy due to aging, physical trauma, or medical conditions like diabetes. For instance, the increasing sugar levels in your blood will impair your eyes’ blood vessels and nerves. Eventually, the structures of your eyelids will degenerate, causing your eyelids to droop.

The loose muscles will become surgically tightened during an eyelid lift to correct them. That procedure lifts your affected eyelid to the right position and prevents lazy eye development.

Bags under the eyes

Fat pouches or pads can develop under your eyes. The forward bulging of fat pads under your eyes often happens because of aging. Aging causes the degeneration and relaxation of the tissues and muscles under or between your eyes.

It is very rare for sagging pouches of fat underneath your eyes to cause a serious problem. For cosmetic reasons, you can undergo an eyelid lift to eliminate the bulging of fat pouches below your eyes. Still, you may require eyelid surgery because eye bags can cause eyelid skin rash and the inability to see clearly.

Usually, under-eye bags can be resolved by getting plenty of sleep, drinking sufficient water, and avoiding excess fluid intake before sleeping. Moreover, avoid allergens, as they can trigger the swelling and bulging of your eyelids.

Eyelid puffiness

You can have inflamed or puffy eyelids because of an injury, an illness, or an immune system allergic reaction.

One common infection that can affect your eyelids is a sty. A sty involves the development of a red bump, which is painful, on the eyelid’s edge. A sty can be confused with an acne pimple. An eyelid lift can resolve the puffiness or swelling of your eyes.

Droopy or sagging eyebrows

Your eyebrows protect your eyes against dust and liquids like rain and salty sweat. The eyebrow’s natural shape helps redirect liquids to follow your eyes’ sides.

A droopy eyebrow will cause a saggy eyelid, especially the upper one. Droopy eyebrows cannot effectively protect your eyes against sweat or water. Furthermore, you will appear enraged, sad, or exhausted if you have sagging brows. This eyelid issue can also cause visual impairment.

If your eyelid problem can be corrected without surgery, your doctor can recommend Radiofrequency (RF) treatments. RF treatment involves your health provider exposing your problematic eyelids to a device emitting energy waves. That stimulates more collagen synthesis, making your eyelids’ skin firmer.

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