Newbie Guide: What Should You Pack For Yoga Training Courses?

Newbie Guide: What Should You Pack For Yoga Training Courses?

When you enrol in a yoga course in Singapore, all you need is your body, mind, and soul to begin practising. However, even if that’s all that’s strictly necessary, many yoga practitioners have a few readily available materials to help them feel more at ease.

Participating in yoga training courses can change your life, but only if you go into it prepared. To help you get ready, here’s a compiled list.

1. Pose-friendly yoga clothes

Though it may seem clear, many beginners who attend a yoga instructor course in Singapore do not have the proper attire. You only require loose-fitting bottoms and a bra that won’t dig into your skin, so you may feel free to move about without restriction.

2. Carry along your mat

Even if the yoga training courses centre where you want to practise has mats available, it’s ideal for bringing your own. It’s much easier to maintain a regular practice at home or while away from home if you have your mat because you can bring it everywhere.

3. Sweat towel

One thing to expect in a yoga course in Singapore is you will most likely sweat a lot. Even the stickiest mats can become a slip-and-slide during practice if your hands and feet are sweaty. You can bring small towels, or you may also purchase specialised towels fit for yoga.

4. Water bottles or tumbler

It is essential to restore the fluids lost during and after training. Even though there are likely vending machines available, carrying your bottle is more cost-effective and waste-efficient.

5. Personal journals

In addition to making extensive notes during practice, you should document your method. What did you learn from your Chinese yoga teacher? It’s important to have a space where you can reflect on the lessons you’ve learned and the growth you’ve experienced.

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Jacques Bedard