5 Signs That Your Spine Is Misaligned

5 Signs That Your Spine Is Misaligned

There are a few reasons why an individual’s spine can be misaligned. When the spine gets out of place it is a direct indicator that the person experienced an acute injury. There are however other causes that are not as serious, and one may fail to realize they have a misalignment until they attend their first chiropractic visits and get diagnosed with spinal misalignment. There are however signs that indicate that the spine might be out of its place. Examples of some of the signs that show it is time for someone to seek chiropractic corrective care.

Examine your Legs.

Whenever the spine gets misaligned, one of the legs begins to feel a bit longer compared to the other leg. To determine whether there is something abnormal about the length of a person’s legs, they should lie down on the flat surface of a bed and try to check if one of their legs extends more. This is always a sign that the spine is not correctly aligned.

Shoe Test

A spine that is out of alignment causes the weight of the legs not to be uniform. One of the legs receives more weight and that may lead to leg issues. To identify whether the spine is misaligned, one can inspect their shoe and see if either of them experiences more wear and tear. The leg that is subjected to more weight as a result of misalignment gets older faster.

Check the Neck.

When a person has a cervical spine misalignment, they feel a restriction in the movement of the neck. They may be unable to twist their necks in different directions meaning they are experiencing problems due to interrupted alignment.

Posture Check

Individuals with their spine out of alignment also have an abnormal horizontal posture. By examining if the ankles, knees, shoulders, and hips are on a similar horizontal angle helps to determine if there is an issue with the alignment. Any observation of side dipping indicates misalignment.

Hitch in your step

Spinal misalignment in people always restricts their gait. To determine whether the gait is affected, one is required to try maintaining walking in a straight line for around 20 yards in total. Limping and hobbling while walking in the line indicates a misalignment of the spine.

These indicators together with the level of misalignment determine how agent someone needs to bool a spinal adjustment therapy with a specialist. Most people do not have to go for regular check-ups by doctors since the tests indicating the existence of a problem with the spine help them determine whether they are okay. For this reason and several others, there are no standards on how often you should see a chiropractor. Chiropractors help the patent feel more relieved by inducing a natural healing capability to the body. To support and ensure a complete healing process, a patient should know what to do after chiropractic adjustment services.


These tests are ideal for knowing if you have any issues before contacting a specialist to schedule a spinal adjustment therapy. Someone dealing with back discomfort should try and evaluate themselves using these tests. The severity levels of spinal misalignment always differ, and some people may even continue with their daily activities without noticing that they have a misalignment. This can however lead to more serious problems and discomfort that develops gradually with time.

Vincent Lalonde