Your New Diet Chart Should Include Plant-based Foods

Your New Diet Chart Should Include Plant-based Foods

You all know how important nutrients like carbohydrate, fat and protein are for a healthy body. Protein does a lot more work than you think – it builds bones, muscles, skin and cartilages; repairs and generates tissues; boosts metabolism and regulates hormones, etc. People these days are turning vegan increasingly and even if they are not vegan, they prefer plant-based protein over animal protein.

The Concept of Plant-based Protein

Many people still have a misconception about plant-based food, they consider that it lacks in nutritional value and is very low in protein. This is completely untrue. The superfoods meal replacement of Gaiameal can show you the light. It is packed with highly nutritious organic food. If you are on a Vegan Meal Plan Dubai to lose weight you can replace your regular meals with this superfood.

It’s so easy to make this vegan protein shake. You just need to put scoops of protein powder to cold water or non-dairy milk and blend or shake until smooth. And, you are all set to enjoy the tasty meal. It is not only one type of nutrient that your intake but carbohydrate and lots of minerals and vitamins along with protein.

What Are the Benefits of Having Plant-based Protein?

Having the plant-based protein shake may look like you are having very less to eat for a full meal. But, on the other hand it is actually very fulfilling than animal protein-based meal. Studies have proved the fact that with plant-based protein you would feel less hungry. Therefore, it helps you in not gaining weight.

For those with stomach or liver problems, it can be a great choice as it contains lots of fiber. It helps in boosting metabolism by increasing the good bacteria. It involves less fat and can support diets of people with fatty liver. Make sure that you check all the ingredients for allergy and dietary restriction.

Many studies have also associated plant-based food with low risk of heart diseases. Even for type2 diabetes it can be really helpful. Apart from all these benefits for you, it can also save the environment to some extent. The carbon footprint for animal consumption is much higher than plant-based protein. You can also refrain from animal-cruelty in this way.


Although it can be very helpful in weight loss, if you are on high-protein diet you can not be casual about taking only plant-based meal. They do not provide same level of protein. Animal products are much high in protein and other nutrients like vitamin B, D3 and iron.

Moreover, most of the commercially manufactured plant-based proteins are processed food. You must know that regular intake of processed food can lead to weight gain and other health issues.

Different Types of Plant Protein You Can Try

  • Soy-based protein – tofu, soy milk, soy powder, tempeh, etc.
  • Legume-based protein – beans, rice, lentils, chickpeas, etc.
  • Pea protein and pea milk.
  • Nut-based and seed-based protein – cashew, almonds, pistachios, chia seeds, quinoa, etc.
  • Grain-based protein – whole wheat, spelt, teff, etc.
  • Vegetable-based protein – sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach, asparagus, etc.

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