You’ll Never Have The Time If You Don’t Take The Time

You’ll Never Have The Time If You Don’t Take The Time

Time is a valuable resource. However, only if you really use your time properly, is it in fact valuable.

Have you ever looked at an opportunity or a task that might deliver value to your life and thought, ‘I just don’t have time for this’?

Often in our current culture this is the case. Where we struggle with the toxicity of doing more, and think that the more we do, the better we are. Or at least this is what we are made to believe. Realistically we are often taking on too much, and not enough of what we are doing is delivering value to our lives.

This mindset of, if I am doing more, I am working harder, harbours a mindset that creates anxiety, scarcity, impatience, fear and a scattered mind. More often than not, we find that this mindset means we are working harder, not smarter and it isn’t creating any sort of value; instead you are just standing still while your time runs rampant around you. If you actually want to make progress, you will first need to start by slowing down.

The reality is that you’ll never have the time if you don’t take the time.

To really take advantage of your time and enact value from one of our most important resources you need to slow down first, in order to go faster. Slow down first to optimise, and by reducing time from slowing down, you’ll also save time. Slowing down means letting go of that sense of urgency to constantly ‘be doing more’.

This may seem like a strange concept to begin with, but it all makes sense when you break it down. Firstly quality over quantity is key. Doing things well instead of doing more things, will optimise your time and create a better outcome overall.

Secondly, you need to look at the sustainability of your efforts. Are you using your time at a pace that you cannot sustain? Doing something you can sustain, enjoy doing and want to keep doing, eliminates that feeling of ‘running on empty’.

Lastly, intentionality over reactivity. Do what you have decided to do with your time, rather than letting others dictate how you spend the precious hours in a day. Do what is optimal, let go of attachments to ‘the way things are’, or ‘the way you have always done it’.

When thinking about the 24 hours of the day that we all share, you should only be focusing on how you utilise your hours. When you do something slowly, and allow for considered time, you are more intentional and smoother; it is time well spent, rather than time wasted. Which is why you need to slow down, remember slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Smooth means high quality, and high-quality is effective, creating better progress for you personally in the long run.

Look at the time you have in your day and consider that mindful and slow, should always be the default. Shift your attention to intentional quality and effectiveness.

Now think about that fact, that in order to learn all of this, you needed to slow down and read. It was intentional and effective. Which is exactly what you can do with your time when you employ the assistance of a life or corporate program, and personal coaching.

Flip the script on your life, and instead of feeling as though time is running away from you, utilise it to transform your life for the better through a range of personal and life coaching. A better tomorrow is waiting if you just take the time today.

Jacques Bedard