When should I see a reproductive specialist?

When should I see a reproductive specialist?

Getting yourself or your partner pregnant can sometimes be difficult compared to others. Generally there are several causes and risks why you could not get pregnant as easily as others. Fret not! Reproductive specialists are experts who help you in solving issues related to infertility. It is important to know when to meet your reproductive specialist from an appointment at clinic to get a solution for your problem. Obstetricians are specialists who handle issues related to female fertility while an andrologist who is also an urologist is a male fertility expert. They often work together to get a couple pregnant.

Continue reading the article to know more about reasons and when you should see and consult a reproductive specialist.

Reasons to see your reproductive specialist

Here are some common reasons when you should meet a reproductive specialist.

  1. When you are 35 years and above.

Basically, the older a woman gets the less fertile you will be as the eggs will be reduced in both the quantity and quality. If you are 35 years and older and have been trying to conceive for the past 6 months without any birth control methods, you             should probably see a reproductive specialist. On the other hand, if you are 40 years and above, you are basically in the high risk category to get pregnant. In this case, it is always better to consult and get opinions from a reproductive specialist before getting pregnant to avoid complications for both mother and baby.

  1. You had three or more miscarriages previously

Miscarriages simply mean when you lose the pregnancy within 20 to 22 weeks of being pregnant. Commonly it is caused by genetic problems where the egg or sperm fertilized does not have a complete set of chromosomes to continue its survival as a zygote. In other cases, it could also be due to other reasons like uterine structural problems or your medical underlying problems. It is important to consult a reproductive specialist if you had 3 or more miscarriages to find out the exact reasons behind it.

  1. You have a chronic medical issue

Having other underlying medical issues can be a little overwhelming as it can affect your reproductive system as well. It is advisable to consult a reproductive specialist if you have long-lasting medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney disease, thyroid condition and genetic disorders. If you ever had any chemotherapy sessions before, you are also advisable to meet a specialist. Family history such as having a mother who had early menopause is also an indication to meet a reproductive specialist as you might also suffer from the same condition.

  1. Your partner has problem in getting and maintaining an erection

It is important for the men and women to take responsibility for getting your partner conceived. An urologist or andrologists are male fertility specialists who help in male fertility issues like erection problems and premature ejaculation. Several tests like semen analysis, hormone levels and other appropriate examinations will be done to find the problem in your partner and get him treated accordingly.

  1. You have had sex without borth control for the past 12 months and no conception

The average time taken for a couple to conceive is around 5 to 6 months without any birth control methods. If you are 35 years and below and have been trying unprotected sex for the past 12 months, you may want to consult a reproductive specialist to help you find out the reason and help you treat it. If you have not yet reached the average months, it is advisable to keep trying without any birth control methods.

Martin Dupuis