What Can Be Expected from a Pain Management Doctor?

What Can Be Expected from a Pain Management Doctor?

If you are experiencing any type of pain, you can visit pain management doctors. These doctors are specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of any kind of pain. Such physicians also have advanced training in treating any kind of pain. Thus, you can visit pain specialists in Chicago, whether an injury or any illness. In addition, these doctors undergo a one-year fellowship in pain management after some time. Also, they are board-certified in their specialty. Some are specialized in injuries, or some are specialized in cancer pain, and many more. Hence, below are the pain management treatment approaches that can be helpful for you.

Pain Treatment Approach

A primary care physician may prescribe essential pain medicines and physical therapy. After that, you will require to visit a pain management specialist to have more sophisticated pain therapy. Doctors that specialize in pain management are educated to treat you in a step-by-step approach.

  1. The initial treatment involves medications such as muscle relaxants, antidepressants, and anti-inflammatories. Other than this, injections help numb pain, such as spinal injections, cervical facet injection in Chicago, or nerve blocks. However, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators) can also be used to reduce the pain with the help of low voltage electrical current.
  1. The second treatment involves advanced approaches such as viscosupplementation or (RFA) radiofrequency ablation. During the procedure of RFA, heat and chemicals are applied to pain which will help reduce the pain signals in nerves. Thus, this approach is mainly used for chronic pain problems such as arthritis. On the other hand, viscosupplementation is the injections used to treat the pain caused by chronic ailments like arthritis pain. At this stage, the physician may prescribe strong medications.
  1. Implanting of a pain pump and a spinal cord stimulator is used as a third approach for pain management treatment. These treatments work by reducing pain at the level of the spinal cord. Thus, it is the body’s pain-sensing control center. At this point, regenerative treatment can be another option for doctors.

Hence, most pain management experts, on the other hand, devote their time and expertise to helping chronic pain patients. Especially those whose demands might be difficult to assess and treat over months or years with different therapies.


A pain management doctor will provide their best to treat the patient suffering from severe pain. Thus, you must know which type of pain management doctor will be best for your pain or illness.

Jacques Bedard