Types Of Bone Diseases And Disorders

Types Of Bone Diseases And Disorders

Our body consists of 206 bones and just like all the other parts of our body our bones are repeatedly going through a process of renewal.As we grow old our bones start losing density and if not taken care of properly might lead to some diseases and disorders.Here is the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Lahore for further guidance.

1.   Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease in which our bones become brittle and weak and can easily be broken,it is one of the most common bone disease in the world.It affects more than 40 million people right now.The disease is more common amongst women and even children have the risk of developing this disease.

The problem of bone density occurs when your body loses too much bone tissue and is unable to produce the bone tissue required by your body,moreover the disease does not show any symptoms.

A person might not know that they have osteoporosis unless they consult a doctor for a checkup who will then diagnose the disease.

2.   Paget’s Disease

It is a type of bone disorder where the process of bone renewal or (Remodeling)

occurs very quickly.This leads to bone deformities such as soft and enlarged bones of the spine or the skull,longer bones of the thighs and the lower area of your leg etc.

This disorder is common among white adults mostly of age 50 or older and may have a chance of getting passed onto their future generations

3.   Osteomyelitis

It is a rare but very serious condition in which your bone tissue becomes infected.It may occur after a surgery like hip replacement,it may also spread from any other part of the body.

Swelling,pain and redness in any part of the body are the most common symptoms

of this bone infection.In most of the cases antibiotics are given to the patients to treat

this infection but in some extreme cases the infected area of the bone has to be surgically removed.

4.   Osteonecrosis


It is a disease in which a bone tissue dies due to lack of blood.This happens when a trauma to bone disrupts the blood flowing to the bone for example a hip fracture.Use of steroids on regular basis can also cause this disease which results in a bone cell death.

So when bone tissue dies our bones weaken and collapse overtime.The extreme pain that gradually grows in the area indicates that the person might have osteonecrosis.

5.   Osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis It is a type of joint disease,it is also one of the most common forms of arthritis.It affects 7% of the global population which is more than 500 million people.

This arthritis occurs when the cartilage which acts as a pillow between our bones breaks  down  causing  the  bones to rub against each other which then results in pain, stiffness and inflammation.


6.   Gout

It is a common disorder which usually affects the joints of people that are affected by this.This happens when excess uric acid crystals form together in the joints,which results in intense pain swelling in the affected area.

The noticeable symptoms of gout is that one of the big toes is usually swollen,but symptoms might occur in other joints too like ankle knee or foot.Gout may also be a result of an unhealthy diet or failure of your kidney to properly process uric acid.

Bones are really significant in one’s life. It’s better to look out for professionals like the Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Islamabad for any problems related to bones.

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