The Right Handstand Benefit Options

The Right Handstand Benefit Options

Most normal people are not even aware of the existence of such an exercise as handstand push-ups. Before the occupation of the world by CrossFit, such a wonder was used only by gymnasts, acrobats and adherents of other similar sports disciplines. With the spread of CrossFit, which, as you know, has collected all the cream, including from gymnastics, the situation has changed a little. The new options are there in no time.

It is difficult to think of a better exercise for developing the shoulder girdle than handstand push-ups, but it is so difficult to master that it seems only available to elite athletes. Whether this is so or even mere mortals can learn to perform this exercise, we will consider in this article. Here are the handstand benefits for you.

First, let’s agree on terminology. In normal parlance, this movement is called “handstand push-up”, in overseas “Hand Stand Push Ups”, abbreviated “HSPU”. Therefore, do not be alarmed if you see such an abbreviation, well, in general, it is high time to get used to the crossfit language.

Advantages Of Handrest Pressups (Hspu):

  • development of the shoulder girdle
  • development of biceps and triceps
  • improving coordination, developing balance
  • availability
  • security

Development of the shoulder girdle

Handstand push-ups are basic exercises. In such an exercise, the athlete is forced to lift his own body weight without using any levers in the form of barbells, as is done in weightlifting.

Lifting your own body weight is devilishly difficult, but the bonuses you get are not comparable to anything. In fact, an athlete is forced to lift a lot of weight with only the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the arms that assist them.

Since with such push-ups the load is mainly transferred to the shoulders, their development is an inevitable result of the exercise.

Development of biceps and triceps

While our fellow bodybuilders do a hundred and fifty bituha exercises in all sorts of Scott benches, flex, unbend, pump and bomb, our cunning crossfighter receives bonuses from handstand push-ups in the form of developed arm muscles. Although in this exercise, the shoulders are mainly working, but the bitsuhi muscles also do not stand aside.Thus, the development of biceps and triceps is a good side effect of HSPU.As a result, the bituha grows by leaps and bounds without even knowing about the existence of such a person as Scott and his bench.

Johnny Burrell