Should You Take CBD for Ringing In The Ears?

Should You Take CBD for Ringing In The Ears?

If you have Tinnitus or a ringing in your ears, chances are that you are desperately looking for a solution. The constant ringing is probably impacting your quality of life. Lack of sleep, an inability to focus and general anxiety and frustration is commonly experienced by those suffering from Tinnitus. While Tinnitus has no official cure, there are a lot of remedies, pills and supplements that promise to offer a significant amount of relief. CBD gummies is one such product that promises to help you get rid of Tinnitus.

But, are CBD gummies for Tinnitus just hype? Do they actually help you with your Tinnitus? Or, do they actually make things worse? To answer this question, let’s just look at the research available, or in this case, research that isn’t available. That’s right. There’s absolutely no research findings presented on the effectiveness of using CBD gummies to treat Tinnitus.

In fact, there are studies, albeit animal studies that strongly suggest that CBD can actually make Tinnitus worse or even cause it in the first place.

So, to begin with, there’s no scientific evidence to encourage you to try CBD gummies for treating your Tinnitus. And, that’s not all. The way CBD gummies are marketed and sold is also very misleading. Most manufacturers of CBD gummies will tell you that Tinnitus is a sensory epilepsy problem. But, the fact is that Tinnitus is not a sensory epilepsy problem. It’s a largely idiopathic condition. In other words, causes of Tinnitus is hard to pin-point as they are unknown. But CBD manufacturers call Tinnitus a sensory epilepsy problem because CBD is known to be a good treatment for epilepsy. In fact, epilepsy is the only condition for which CBD is certified as an FDA approved treatment. Manufacturers of these CBD gummies and drops are just trying to trick you into buying them for your Tinnitus, by calling it an epilepsy problem.

There are other problems with CBD products as well. For instance, some CBD gummies will not have any CBD at all, or have very little of it. Most CBD gummies are labeled as full spectrum. While Full Spectrum sounds like you are getting a lot, the fact is that you are getting a lot of everything but very little CBD. While they might contain trace amounts of CBD, such products usually contain high levels of cannabinoids and even THC, both of which have been proven to exacerbate a condition like Tinnitus.

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If you still want to try to take CBD gummies for your Tinnitus, there’s also the problem of dosage. What dosage is right? What dosage is safe? Product labels will not give you this information. You will find dosage labeled from as little as 350k mg to 15 million mg per dose. You will just have to take a wild guess or experiment to find a dosage that might work for you, both of which are not the way you should go about taking a supplement to treat a problematic and debilitating condition like Tinnitus.

Martin Dupuis