Right and healthy diet are one of the best ways to become fit and lose weight with time 

Right and healthy diet are one of the best ways to become fit and lose weight with time 

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  • Including Less Fibre in Diet

Adding fibre to your diet will assist you in losing weight in a better way as they tend to make you feel full without adding many extra calories. Viscous fibre is known to form a gel which holds water and thus makes you feel less hungry. It has been observed that increasing fibre intake may lead to less absorption of calories, thus helping you in a better way during your weight loss period and otherwise making you feel healthy.

  • Eating in the Absence of Hunger

Eat when you are really hungry, this is the best natural way to maintain your weight. Eating in small gaps just for the sake of fulfilling the need of calories in every few hours can lead to further increase in the weight which is not at all good if you are planning to lose it. It has been found that eating in small portions is highly overrated and ends up in the high-calorie intake, in comparison to eating large portions on time and feeling full.

  • No Track of What You Are Eating

It is important to keep track of what you are eating so as to add those nutrients which you are lacking and deduct those which you don’t require from your diet.Maintaining a proper diet can help you in maintaining weight and will save you from gaining those extra kilos. So, the next time you are planning to eat something, learn all about the nutritive value that it holds as mindful eating is the best eating.

  • Lack of Sleep

Sleep is a very important part of your daily schedule, deprivation of it can lead to eating more the next day. This happens as improper sleep can make you feel low and tired leading to increased eating. Proper sleep of eight hours is must as it helps in keeping your mind at peace which in turn will help you in living the day well inclusive of proper healthy eating, thus leading towards a healthy life.

  • Unfocused Exercising

The focus is the key no matter what you are doing, as it is this reason which leads you to put in full energy leading to optimum results. Lack of focus shows lack of interest which indicates that under such conditions what you are doing is executed with an unhappy mind. Anything that is done half-heartedly will never yield great results. Therefore you should choose that form of exercise which you enjoy doing whether it is cycling, swimming, running or anything else.

These were the top ten mistakes that should be avoided by the people who are trying for weight loss.. Eat well, do what you enjoy, and take a good night’s sleep for healthy living.

Martin Dupuis