Most Essential Paths to Test for HIV

Most Essential Paths to Test for HIV

The chlamydia test detects the presence of antibodies, it is positive and you have HIV. If the test does not find antibodies, it is negative and you do not have HIV. Antibodies do not appear directly in the blood when you are infected with HIV. Indeed, it takes a certain amount of time and that is why you have to wait several weeks (6 or 12 weeks depending on the type of screening) to take the test after taking a risk. You should also check. HIV Prevention phoenix az community that can lead you to have a safe and healthy life. 

How to screen?

There are 3 types of screening. Be careful because there is a necessary waiting period between taking the risk and the screening test to have a 100% reliable result. These times vary depending on the type of screening you do.

  1. Classic screening test

This is a test performed by a blood test.

  1. Diagnostic Oriented Rapid Test (TROD)

This is a test performed with saliva or a drop of blood, with a result within a few minutes. In the event of a positive result, it is mandatory to confirm it by a standard test.

  1. Self-test

This is a TROD sold in pharmacies that you can make yourself from a drop of blood. In the event of a positive result, it is also mandatory to confirm it by a standard blood test.

Prevention of the Disease

The lag time between infection and the development of AIDS may prevent early management of the disease. Thus, screening tests exist to detect the presence of HIV in the blood and therefore authenticate the infection.

The “classic” test is carried out on medical prescription in the laboratory from a blood test. It will be reliable if it is carried out 6 weeks after the risky driving. The results are given after a few days. In recent years, it has also been possible to use the “rapid diagnostic orientation test”, or TROD. It is made from a drop of blood taken from the fingertip and gives a response in a few minutes. This test is considered reliable if it is performed at least 3 months after infection. In the event of a positive result, this test must be confirmed by the “classic” test. Using the chlamydia test kit canada offers much effects now.

The AIDS test is quick and easy

This test carried out early, makes it possible to detect the presence of the AIDS virus (HIV) in the body before any clinical manifestation, that is to say symptoms. This test is easy to perform because it only requires a blood test. Average 50,000 people in Canada are carriers of the AIDS virus without knowing it: this is one of the reasons why this screening is important.

Knowing the result of the screening test allows, if it is positive:

  • To benefit as soon as possible from medical monitoring and of course from appropriate treatment. Today, there are effective drugs that can slow the progression of the infection.
  • Whether you should put on a condom to protect your partner (s).
  • Performing a screening test is a free and voluntary process under the responsibility of each person.

Performing a screening test allows:

In all cases it benefits from personalized prevention advice. If you are found to be HIV positive, access medical care and start antiretroviral treatment as quickly as possible. Studies have shown that early follow-up is associated for the person with a decrease in the health consequences of HIV infection and an improvement in the quality of life.

Martin Dupuis