Medical Equipment: How To Take Care Of Them

Medical Equipment: How To Take Care Of Them

See tips to keep working instruments in good working condition. If you are a professional in the hospital area, you know the importance of taking care of medical equipment like medical trays and containers and accessories, right? In addition to being fragile, these work instruments must always be clean and suitable for patient care. Here are some care tips.

Preventing The Transmission Of Bacteria

Look, it’s essential to have clean, disinfected, and sterilized equipment and accessories in the hospital environment, okay? This care is essential for patients to stay safe, and items last a long time! For cleaning, the ideal is to use a damp cloth with water and neutral soap. Disinfection is indicated whenever the equipment or accessory comes into contact with the patient’s body to prevent the transmission of bacteria. In this case, it is necessary to follow the manufacturer’s guidance to know which product to use to disinfect.

Now, sterilization is essential for instruments such as scissors and surgical tweezers that come into contact with blood or some other type of liquid that poses a risk of contamination. And for that, some products are specific for hospital use to end even the most resistant viruses and bacteria, okay?

These scissors are used in the hospital environment and need to be sterilized.

Doing Maintenance, So You Don’t Have Failures

Another precaution that helps the proper functioning of equipment, such as the electronic scalpel, is calibration! This procedure is usually carried out by the hospital’s clinical engineering team or by specialized companies. Oh, and each piece of equipment undergoes this maintenance at a specific time, okay?

This electronic scalpel can work for a long time if it’s well taken care of.

Besides, it’s worth keeping an eye on small repairs that need to be done daily, you know? This is important to avoid failure, for example, of devices such as ultrasound and x-ray, used to examine and discover the patient’s diagnosis. Not to mention that maintenance is essential to prolong the use of these and other equipment and accessories. It is essential to have the ideal hospital equipment and accessories to provide good care to patients. And the good thing is that there are several models of them, which makes it easy to find the best product for each situation!

Jacques Bedard