Live a Long, Comfortable Life: 3 Ways to Take Care of Your Joints

Live a Long, Comfortable Life: 3 Ways to Take Care of Your Joints

Now that many people are seeking out medical advice online, one cannot be sure that everything they read on the Internet is true. Researching on what your symptoms mean, for instance, can lead to different things. Medical science will say that it is always best to consult your doctor. That said, the age-old adage, “Prevention is better than cure,” still holds true.

According to human anatomy, we can divide the body into nine major parts according to position; this includes the: head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, back, hip, extremities, and trunk. What holds these moving parts together are our joints and cartilage. However, is it not true that we often overlook the joints of our body until we reach a certain age?

Throughout our childhood, teenage, and early years in adulthood, we live our lives as we desire. Engaging in sports and other physical activities on the daily, we tend to prioritize care for the other parts of our bodies. It is only until something gives elsewhere that we decide to check on our joints. 

Listed below are three things that we can do to take better care of our joints.

1. Knowing Your Body’s Limitations is Knowing Your Joints, Too

We already know that our joints serve to connect the bones of the body. With the help of cartilage, synovium, and synovial fluid, our bones can endure all sorts of movements. However, unmanaged wear-and-tear can damage joints overtime, and can worsen into arthritis. So, what can you do?

Staying fit by means of watching your weight is one way. Taking vitamins and joint care supplements as you combine exercise with a healthy diet can keep your joints working like a charm. So long as your muscles, bones, and ligaments are strong and sturdy, your joints are going to last the extra mile. Don’t abuse your body by constantly pushing yourself past your limitations, especially when it comes to lifting weights.

2. Cut Back on the Bad Stuff If You Can’t Quit Them Outright

How can one enjoy life if they don’t indulge in the dealings of the young and attractive? We all have our personal reasons, but balance is key if we cannot quit smoking cigarettes, and still keep taking coffee every day. The Arthritis Foundation states that smoking can affect bone mass, which can cause osteoporosis. This places our bones at a greater risk for breakage. The organization also cites how too much caffeine on a daily basis can weaken our bones. If we truly intend to protect our joints, we have to be mindful of what we put into our bodies.


For example, drinking and dancing in the club while partying all night in three-inch-high heels stresses our feet seven times more than inch-high heels. On top of that, wearing heels all too often puts extra pressure on our knees, and this increases the risk for osteoarthritis. 

It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes that cushion the ball of our feet and allow our toes enough space. Shoes with barely any cushion means that the soles of our feet will keep hitting the floor with much more force and impact, as compared to footwear with thick rubber soles.

3. The Right Amount of Activity and Physical Therapy

As mentioned earlier, the right kind of exercise can help our joints grow stronger. Training for the strength of your bones, such as running or jogging, swimming, and biking can improve our joints and their range of motion. This builds our muscles, which supports our bones, joints, and ligaments. It is important to note, however, that you must do some stretching first. The warm up will fine-tune and prepare your joints for the physical activities that come after. Five minutes of stretching, for instance, will do.

Going to see a physical therapist, meanwhile, can ensure that your joints are just fine. Through various techniques, such as nerve stimulation and heat or cold therapy, your PT can improve the stability of your joints and the conditioning of your muscles. Given the many reasons for joint pain, you will want to make sure that any physical activity will not cause your joints to just give out all of a sudden. 

It’s All in the Body: Don’t Grow Old Too Early

Would you want to be as mobile as an octogenarian while in your late twenties to early thirties? While they say that, “Age is just a number,” having poor joints can actually keep you from making more beautiful memories. Taking good care of the joints and ligaments of your body is an investment.


Know the limitations of your body so you can combat the struggles of losing weight, going to the gym, and staying fit – without overworking your knees, elbows, and wrists, among others. Also, eat healthy meals and take the necessary vitamins and supplements for joint care regularly. Quit or limit the vices like smoking and partying while you’re ahead. And lastly, practice the right amount of physical activity and visit a physical therapist when you can. It’s real simple. Live a long, comfortable life by taking care of your body, joints included.

Clare Louise