Knowing about the ayahuasca retreats

Knowing about the ayahuasca retreats

One has often heard of mysterious marvels in remote corners of the world and that brings to mind the ayahusca plant. For those who are hearing this name for the first time, it is a vine which is found in the Amazon rain forests and is used by the tribes for medical and spiritual healing. In the modern times, ayahuasca has assumed monumental popularity in the mainstream communities, resulting in a huge boom in Ayahusca tourism.

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There is a psychoactive brew or concotion which is prepared from the leaves of the spiritual vine. This healing drink is taken at a special ceremony under the guidance of an experienced shaman.  There have studies and surveys to show that this drink contains hallucinogenic properties and people have apparently been cured of many physical or mental ailments. The vine name is banisteriopsis caapi and the leaf is the psychotria viridis. Reportedly this brew works very well in curing or at least reducing depression or any kind of addiction. There are many centers for the eager people who wish to be a part of the ayahuasca treatment. The ayahuasca Peru retreat one is a very well known treatment center among all the ayahuasca treatment centers. It is indeed a challenge to find the right kind of retreat and also you will need to find an ethical as well as experienced shaman. The other names for the plant are yage and caapi. The plants are very quiet in an angelic sort of manner. It is assumed that the shaman communicates with the spirits of the other world by conducting the ceremony. You can read here about the best kinds of retreats offered so it is easier for the people to pick out.


The ayahuasca offers a life changing experience and for each individual it is different. Having nausea and diarrhoea are common in consumption of the drink. There is excellent medical staff also present at the ceremonies in case of emergencies. The shamans sing specific chants and smoke special tobaccos for the concoction to take effect. It has been reported that many people feel rejuvenated and refreshed after this ceremony while others have also been noted to have maleffects.  The top of all tops for 2022 is also very relevant here. Here is wishing you a very pleasant experience with ayahuasca tourism in the long run.

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