Indoor Cycling at Home: Do You Really Need to Get All Fancy?

Indoor Cycling at Home: Do You Really Need to Get All Fancy?

You have decided it’s time to start regularly exercising. You have chosen indoor cycling as your activity. Now what? Well, if you’re ready for brain overload, run an internet search on the sport. Just be prepared for a ton of results throwing more information at you than your brain can absorb.

You will find tons of posts pitching the best indoor bikes money can buy. You’ll find expert tips about how to make the best of indoor cycling. You will find articles on the physical and mental health benefits of the sport. It is almost endless.

At the end of the day, do you really need to get all fancy with expensive equipment, fashionable clothes, and a list of detailed instructions so long that they rival War and Peace? Yes and no. The wonderful instructors at Salt Lake City’s Mcycle Studio explain it well enough.

A Lot Depends on Your Goals

Mcycle instructors offer organized classes for every skill level. They work with cyclists who have specific goals in mind. Nearly all of their students could exercise at home and glean all the benefits that come from indoor cycling. But they take classes because they want to achieve things they can only achieve with the help of instructors.

In that sense, you do have to get all fancy if your goals require it. Maybe you want to master the most complicated indoor cycling routines. That’s a great goal. There are right and wrong ways to do it. Do it the wrong way and you could seriously injure yourself.

In addition, getting to the highest level requires the right kind of equipment. That equipment is expensive. You either have to buy it yourself or take classes at a studio. Either way, the chances of you reaching the highest level of the sport on the cheapest bike you can find online are not that great.

Routine Daily Exercise

The other side of the coin is getting your daily exercise. You are not looking to excel to a professional level. You have no intention of using indoor cycling to help you train as a competitive outdoor cyclist. You just want to sweat for 30 minutes each evening to maintain good health.

Mcycle instructors have great news for you: there is no need to get all fancy just to realize the benefits of routine daily exercise. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in clothes and equipment. You don’t have to buy the most expensive bike on the market. You do not even have to take organized classes or sign up for an online workout routine.

Classes and online routines certainly won’t hurt but sitting in the saddle and peddling for 30 minutes will provide the routine exercise you’re looking for. You can do it while watching your favorite sitcom or talking with your best friend via speakerphone. You and your spouse can do it together.

No Right or Wrong

We have a tendency to look at things like indoor cycling from extremes. One extreme suggests you have to get all fancy, spend a fortune, and study the sport like a scientist. The other says you can throw on a pair of old shorts and pedal away to your heart’s content. In reality, there is no right or wrong.

What is right for you is right for you. If you can achieve your goals without getting all fancy, go for it. On the other hand, up your game if you want to achieve the highest level of the sport. And of course, there is plenty of room between both the extremes.

Jacques Bedard