Facts About Obesity You Didn’t Know

Facts About Obesity You Didn’t Know

It is no more a secret that obesity is now considered a global health epidemic. It is also on the rise across the world, but researchers still do not know fully the reason behind it. While people are quite aware of the disease there are still certain facts about obesity that have not been highlighted in the majority of the research.

So here are some surprising facts about obesity you didn’t know about.

  1. Obesity is A Disease Which Can Damage Brain Roots

Obesity and overweight are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation which may impair the health of an individual. But the truth is it is far more complicated than just extra fats. Obesity is a real disease that can be rooted in the brain which can damage it. When you gain weight your body produces hormones that increase fat storage so your body holds the excess weight more and this is the reason why you have a hard time trying to lose the weight.

  1. Weight Management & Physical Exercise Brings Balance

For an individual, obesity is the result of an imbalance between the calories consumed and calories burned. If you take high-calorie foods without an equal increase in physical activity, then it can lead you to an extreme increase in weight. Obesity does that to the body and also results in an energy imbalance.

  1. Obesity is Fully Preventable and Curable

The majority of the young individuals are suffering from obesity and it has become endemic. But obesity today is preventable and curable. This is possible if you keep an eye on your weight, eat a balanced diet that is rich in fiber and less in carbs. This can help you come down in the category of healthy individuals from the obese category. Many people also undergo bariatric procedures like the gastric sleeve in Tijuana and other cities to shed extra weight from their bodies.

As now you are aware of some surprising obesity facts, you must have also gone through different bariatric procedures which are performed for weight loss. So, to get more details, do read about 14 Things You Should Know About VSG Surgery. If you are undergoing one. And the best way to undergo any kind of bariatric procedure whether it is gastric bypass or gastric sleeve, consult your doctor and then rely on the best surgeon for gastric sleeve in Tijuana or wherever you reside.

Martin Dupuis