Choosing the Most Suitable Color for Dental Veneers

Choosing the Most Suitable Color for Dental Veneers

The color of the veneer is important because this veneer is supposed to stay on your teeth for many years. Therefore, with the help of a dentist, you should choose the best veneer color according to your specific conditions. The most suitable color of dental veneers is different for different people and depends on many factors, such as the color of the skin, hair, and eyes of the person. The color of the veneer should be such that it makes your smile look beautiful and natural, not that it reduces the beauty of your teeth and smile with excessively white and abnormal color. 

However, according to a dentist performing veneer in Toronto from Pearl Dental Group, if the number of coated teeth is large and the natural teeth are not visible when talking and laughing, color matching is not necessary. At Dentistrynearme, a well-known dental directory, Pearl Dental Group has been introduced as a great dental clinic performing professional dental veneer services in Toronto

The opinion of an experienced dentist is very important for choosing the most suitable veneer color for you. Sometimes, the dentist may ask you to come with no makeup to choose the right color.

The Right Shade of White

As mentioned, different layers have different veneer colors, shades, and degrees of brightness, so you can choose a color that looks like a set of healthy natural teeth from the various white color ranges. The whitest and brightest color is not always the best color. Because in most people, this type of color looks very artificial and not very beautiful. Some people may look for bright white colors known as Hollywood smiles. These people should note that the white smiles seen in the movies look very unnatural and unattractive in the real world.

Eye Color

A simple and practical way to choose the right cover color is to pay attention to the whites of your eyes. The color of the dental veneer should not be brighter and whiter than the whites of the eyes. Sometimes, choosing white and shiny colors makes people look younger. But this is not true for everyone, and you should choose the right color.

Skin Color

Paying attention to your skin color can also help you choose a better cover color. The color of the coating should contrast slightly with the natural color of the skin. However, too much contrast is not correct. Natural tooth shade is suitable for people with dark skin, and these people should not choose white shades. Those with lighter skin can choose whiter colors. The greater the contrast between the skin color and the tooth color, the brighter the tooth will appear. This contrast may cause the tooth color to appear abnormal.

Natural Tooth Color

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Another simple way to choose the best color for dental veneers is to pay attention to the color of a person’s natural teeth. To look natural, the dental crown must have the same color as the person’s natural teeth. If your natural teeth tend to be yellow, it is better to choose a softer white veneer color, and if you have dark teeth, choose a matte veneer. If you want to choose a bright color for the dental veneer, you can whiten your natural teeth as much as possible by various methods, such as bleaching and scaling, before installing the veneer.

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