Can I Use Old Frames For A New Prescription?

Can I Use Old Frames For A New Prescription?

As you grow older, your eye prescription and other aspects of your vision will change. You might need to visit your optometrist every one to two years to check your eyesight. And if they find changes in your eyes, chances are you will need to replace your lenses with an updated prescription. But do you also need a new frame to go with your eyeglass lens replacement, or can you use your old rims?

Role of Eyeglasses Frames

The role of your eyeglasses frames is simple. They are only designed to hold and carry your prescription lenses. Since it gets the most abuse, these optical frames are manufactured to endure normal daily wear and tear. However, these can still break and snap if you drop or sit on them.

A well-made glasses frame should last the life of its lenses and beyond. That is why it is often reasonable to reuse your old frame for your new glasses lens replacement.

The frames of your eyeglasses also determine the size of your new prescription lenses. These can also play a role in your peripheral vision. Glasses with a larger lens size offer you a better range of peripheral vision. Meanwhile, frames with a smaller eye size will tend to narrow your peripheral vision.

Lens Fitting Process

When you’re getting an eyeglass lens replacement, your new prescription lenses must be fitted to your old frames. This process is known as lens fitting.

Optical frames made from plastic materials would need to be heated up to loosen the surface where the lenses sit. But for metal frames, you need to untighten the screws holding the glasses to allow the new lenses to be inserted. Whether your eyeglasses have a metal or plastic material, the frame should be in good condition if you want to reuse them.

If you want to reuse an outdated and brittle 20-year old frame, there’s a big chance it would break during the fitting process. Similarly, a metal frame with worn-out screw thread would hinder you from securely fitting the lens. Since merchants cut the lenses before inserting them into the frame, you might end up needing to buy new lenses and frames if it breaks during the fitting process.

Get New Prescription Lenses With RX-Able

The decision to purchase a new optical rim will depend on your circumstances. If your frame is still in good condition, then you can reuse them, But if it has already seen better days, then putting it through the entire lens fitting process might be a waste of time and money. You will most likely end up spending more to replace the lens and buy a new frame.

If you want to replace your prescription lenses and use your old frame, RX-able won’t charge you any additional fees. We are experts in this job, and we will make sure to keep your optical rim in good condition while we insert your new lenses. Give us a call now to enjoy your new prescription lenses placed in your favorite frame

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