Automating Diagnostics with Advanced Pathology Equipments

Automating Diagnostics with Advanced Pathology Equipments

Automating Diagnostics with Advanced Pathology Equipment is a 5-day training course taking place in Mumbai on 04 Sep 2016. Automating Diagnostics is a single-source provider of advanced pathology equipment, PATHOLOGY DEVICES & FORENSICS EQUIPMENTS, Microscopes, Micro-Nikkor Objective Lenses, and Accessories to help laboratories offer high-quality diagnostic services for their physicians and patients in their quest for better health. Advanced Pathology Equipment by DSA Medizintechnik GmbH offers you a variety of highly specialized products for your lab. We are a leading supplier for the development, production, and distribution of modern medical diagnostic instruments as well as specialized mobile systems for medical imaging.

With our advanced equipment of Automating Diagnostic Services, we offer complete solutions for the diagnostic needs. Our well-designed, high-end pathology equipment is extensively used in different medical laboratories. LabX helps pathologists and researchers automate their laboratories by including advanced pathology equipment, high-end microscopes, and integrated configurations. We have advantages in the market with an outstanding brand image, more than 10 years experience, reliable quality control team, and continuous development capa. Pathology equipment was developed to keep up with the advancement in-hospital diagnostics, offering unparalleled precision and accuracy, able to detect diseases and health conditions in the earliest stages.

Pathology equipment from well-known suppliers like Siemens, Beckman Coulter, Olympus, Leica, etc. is available at a very affordable price. We offer a wide range of Pathology equipment, Consumables, and Supplies to meet the needs of all types of dental and medical practices. Our automated systems are widely used in the fields of biomedical, laboratory medicine, and medicine. Excellence is at your fingertips when you use our pathology instruments and devices. We are a purveyor of unique, sophisticated, and quality-focused products that meet and even surpass industry standards. Satisfaction is guaranteed; we’re confident you’ll be impressed.

With the advent of revolutionary instruments, today’s histopathology labs are increasingly able to deliver greater diagnosis accuracy thereby significantly improving healthcare practice globally. The strategy is to keep the systems simple and fast to deliver satisfactory results with limited procedural expertise. The Lab Automation industry is rapidly increasing and evolving. Molecular Diagnostics, Immunodiagnostics, and Histopathology segments are poised for immense growth. Keeping a close eye on market trends, Humboldt has introduced unique and innovative products to keep up with the changing technology. We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and trader of histology equipment, refrigerated centrifuge, medical centrifuge, medical waste incinerator, and pathology equipment

We provide Advanced Pathology Equipment, Automating Diagnostics, and Laboratory Equipment. Laboratory equipment is manufactured to provide the highest value for your laboratory dollar. Our Quality Assurance program is the best in the industry.

Automating diagnostics provides unmatched productivity gains and cost savings. Pathology Equipment provides the important pathophysiological tests that quickly help make critical treatment decisions, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our range of pathology instruments like Histopathology Stains Processor, Cell Block processor, Test-o-metre for TB test, KOH processor for Fungi Identification, Leishmania slide stain processor, and equipment for Microbiology lab at affordable prices. We offer an Exclusive range of Pathology Equipment with superior pathologic features and unmatched reliability. Our extensive product offering includes Laboratory Equipments like Autopsy Microtomes, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology, Freeze Drying Equipments, Bone Densitometer, and many more products. Ours is a one-stop diagnostic solution for our customers.

The most advanced pathology automation systems for Diagnostic Laboratories.

Vital Images, Inc. offers high-quality pathology and research equipment with advanced automation. Our complete line of cutting-edge products is designed to meet and surpass the demands in today’s demanding automated-laboratory environments. Kingmax´s ADI Pathology products are well integrated with modern diagnostic equipment. Bringing affordability to pathology, brings state-of-the-art equipment and methods to the hands of every pathologist. Innovative technologies combined with quality tools at low prices have made us at the top of the pathology equipment market. Pathology equipment, such as pathology slides stainer, is widely used in laboratories to process pathological samples. Pathology slide stainer is widely used in hospitals and clinics because it meets the requirement of automated processing. The pathology slides stainer offers a high level of consistency through automation.

Our pathologist’s equipment is the most advanced and precise, including the latest addition to our lab equipment line – The i500 Image Analysis System incorporating Hologic Discovery W.A.S.T.E technology providing unmatched versatility, reliability, and accuracy to meet your needs of patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring in areas such as breast cancer and prostate disease evaluation, screening tests for colon and breast cancer, etc. Find the right pathology laboratory equipment for your clinical, research, and educational applications with the help of our proprietary selection tool for medical device manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. From centrifuges to DNA and RNA amplification instruments, we have the best technical support people in the business.

Laboratory diagnostics equipment, laboratory centrifuges, lab freezers, laboratory washer/disinfectors, and microplate washer are all available from Horizon Biosciences. You may also find other pathology accessories such as pathology microscopes, chemistry analyzers, and printers, tissue processors, or surgical instruments. Each category is enriched with several subcategories for you to search for high-quality lab equipment and consumable supplies. After the successful introduction of our DACCA and CLARA series, we have decided to develop VH-6000, a high-performance and cost-efficient hematology analyzer. The perfect combination of innovative technologies from major biomedical companies, system integration, and advanced technology makes it easy for pathologists to diagnose patients faster and more accurately with less reliance on others.

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