Am I required to make follow-up appointments with my doctor? 

Am I required to make follow-up appointments with my doctor? 

Yes. Frequent follow-up appointments are required for clinical marijuana sufferers. According to Compassionate Telemedicine follow-up appointments are required each to 4 months.

What are the requirements for getting access to medical marijuana in Texas? 

In order to qualify for get entry to clinical marijuana in Texas, an affected person has to be an everlasting resident. Furthermore, the affected person have to be recognized with a qualifying clinical condition (listing below) and visible with the aid of using a licensed Texas clinical marijuana medical doctor.

Patients below the age of 18 can also be eligible for a clinical hashish certificate. However, within side the case of minors, a 2d certified medical doctor has to concur with the prescribed treatment. A determine or mum or dad of a minor have to act as a caregiver to buy and administer the medication and she or he may be required to reveal evidence of identity. If you want to know more about this you can click on the link  Texas medical card


In Texas, who qualifies for clinical marijuana for Texas medical card?

Medical Marijuana Conditions for Texas are as follows:

  • Intractable epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease 
  • ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • Terminal Cancer
  • Autism
  • Many Seizure Disorders
  • Spasticity 
  • An incurable neurodegenerative disease 
  • PTSD

How do you get a clinical marijuana card in Texas?

  • Visit certified medical doctor and acquire an advice for clinical marijuana.
  • Next, the medical doctor registers you in CURT, Texas’ on-line system.
  • Since you’re registered within side the system, the Texas dispensaries can see which you are eligible to buy clinical marijuana.

Patients are required to offer a legitimate Texas driver’s license or legitimate country-issued identity card to be able to show identification and country residency.

Where are you able to get clinical marijuana in Texas?

There are a handful of Texas dispensaries. We’re shooting information for you as we get it.

  • Fluent 
  • Compassionate Cultivation 
  • Surterra Texas/Good blend 
  • Texas Original – Delivery

3 Steps to get certified for a Texas medical cannabis prescription

  1. Make Sure You Qualify Texans stricken by a listing of qualifying scientific situations can be eligible for a scientific marijuana prescription, or hashish certificate. Patients do now no longer obtain a real Texas scientific marijuana card as in maximum states.
  2. Make an Appointment with a State Licensed Medical Marijuana Doctor Contact a medical doctor licensed to prescribe scientific hashish in Texas from the states listing or thoughts one at the map. Online is the very best way. 

To discover a Texas scientific marijuana medical doctor, sufferers can whole the affected person registration shape under and press submits. Get began out on-line proper away or time table a session to peer in case you qualify.

  1. Get Your Medical Cannabis Certificate from the State. Tell the medical doctor or their workforce approximately the qualifying scientific condition. If wanted the docs workforce can assist sufferers collect all the essential scientific facts required on-line, fax or in individual for the preliminary examination. 

Do a web head to head session with the medical doctor. If accepted for scientific hashish, the medical doctor will input the patents facts into the Compassionate Use Registry. The affected person will then be capable of buy Lower THC High CBD marijuana products.

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