5 Self-Care Tips Necessary to Maintain the Spinal Health

5 Self-Care Tips Necessary to Maintain the Spinal Health

Do you know that daily activities such as movement and sitting would be impossible without the spine? This organ coordinates the execution of such activities. However, you may experience chronic pain due to injuries or disorders in your spine, which can limit your capacity to conduct those activities. You may opt for traditional techniques of alleviating chronic pain in your spinal cord, although most of those therapies are ineffective and may leave you with a worsening condition. However, when you seek spinal cord stimulation The Woodlands, you will surely receive long-term pain relief for your chronic condition in your spine. Here are 5 self-care tips that can help you maintain your spinal health.

Watch Out for Your Posture

Right posture while conducting your daily activities is a crucial measure towards maintaining the wellness of your spine. For example, you should ensure that your head aligns with your midfoot whenever you are standing. Also, you should avoid slouching, especially when you are sitting. Once you adopt these correct postures, you reduce the excessive stress on the muscles around the spine, thus reducing the risks of spinal complications.

Engage in Regular Exercises

Living an inactive life triggers many health conditions, such as spinal disorders due to weakness of the spine muscles. You should develop a daily exercise program involving strengthening and low-impact exercises. If you are a beginner in workouts, you may seek assistance from a specialized physiotherapist. Regular physical exercises boost the spine’s flexibility, thus reducing the chances of throbbing flare-ups.

Avoid Carrying Extremely Heavy Loads

Some occupations involve lifting heavy objects, which usually puts the individuals at a greater risk of developing spinal injuries. It would be best if you used the lifting appliances to help you lift the heavy loads. Also, ensure that you bend your knees while lifting the light objects from the ground instead of bending your back. Reducing the load size is crucial in safeguarding your lower part of the spine.

Sleep Appropriately

Sleeping is not just a matter of throwing your tired body on the bed. Even if you sleep eight hours each night, you should be mindful of your sleeping positions to avoid regrets due to spine pain the following morning. Ensure that your spine is straight whenever you are sleeping. Sleep on your back and ensure that you place the pillow under the knees.

Quit Smoking

Individuals with smoking habits are at great risk of developing painful spinal problems. The nicotine substances usually limit the blood flow to the spine discs, thus reducing the oxygen supply to these discs, which causes spine degeneration. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you should avoid this habit to maintain a healthy spine.

Spinal complications are widespread in modern days affecting eight in every ten people. These conditions come along with chronic pain, which hinders the victims’ quality of life. If you are among the millions of people with chronic spinal problems, you should no longer struggle with ineffective traditional treatments. Visit Yancey Pain & Spine, where William Yancey, MD, and his team of experienced professionals offer long-lasting relief to patients with chronic spine complications. Call their offices in Houston to get started today.

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