5 Reasons To Seek Therapy In The “New Normal”

5 Reasons To Seek Therapy In The “New Normal”

Some so many people are suffering in silence just because they cannot talk about their hidden issues. They carry a happy face, they carry a big smile and they have a billion friends but they could be struggling inside. Some want to kill them, some want to give them pain, some struggle to even get out of their bed, and yet they cannot do anything about it at all.  

It’s okay to feel like this, all you need to do is find top psychologists in Kenya and have a better life. 

“To Address your weaknesses is your biggest strength”. This statement speaks much more than it shows. The statement talks about one thing that is everything. It talks about mental health. No matter how much money you have, no matter how beautiful you are; but if you are not mentally healthy then there is no point in having anything at all.

1. The New Normal Itself

There is a silent pandemic that is going on, and that is not a virus. It is the mental health problem people are facing. More than ever people need to be informed that it is normal to seek help in the new normal. 

2. Future

One of the most important reasons as to why you should seek therapy is your future. You are spending 18 hours a day on your screens for that “dream future”. But if you fail to recognize your present, there is going to be no future.

3. Family And Friends

If you are struggling with any mental issues, then it surely is going to take a toll on your friends and family. If not for yourself but the sake of the happiness of your family, you need to seek help. 

4. Self-Esteem

Only those who mentally suffer know the toll that it takes on your self-esteem. You need to seek therapy for your self-esteem. It’s time that you feel good about yourself. 

5. Quality Of Work

If you wish to maintain a good quality of your work, then it is a foolish thing to reach a burnout point and yet not seek therapy. 

Seek assistance from top psychologists in Kenya to learn more about this topic.

Jacques Bedard