4 Preparation Tips For A Mammogram Screening In Singapore

The human body is a remarkable system of organs that allows us to do everything we need and want to do. It helps us breathe, walk, solve problems, comprehend ideas, and perform other activities vital to survival. But despite its impressive capabilities, the body is not immune to every disease and injury that could affect its appearance and functionality. We should do everything we can to look after it by eating nutritious meals, staying fit, and regularly getting an executive health screening in Singapore.

The female health screening package in Singapore medical centres is one of the most crucial checkups women need to take. This set of examinations and specialist consultations allows them to stay updated on their wellness, spot early signs of ailments, and prevent conditions from progressing.

1. Learn About The Procedure

Never get a mammogram screening without understanding its purpose and benefits. Moreover, research how such a checkup can help you stay healthy to set realistic expectations.

2. Schedule Your Checkup

A breast cancer screening in Singapore may take a while to finish depending on your condition and your chosen package. Schedule it on the least busy day of your week to ensure you will not miss a meeting or an appointment during your checkup.

3. Wear Comfortable Two-Piece Clothing

Mammogram screening technicians in Singapore will ask you to take your top off to allow the machine to get an accurate scan of your breasts. If you do not want to be butt naked during your checkup, arrive in an outfit with a separate top and pants.

4. Avoid Deodorants And Perfumes

Believe it or not, metallic substances in powders, deodorants, and perfumes could affect the results you get from your breast cancer screening. If you want to receive an accurate reading, avoid these personal hygiene products.

Remember the tips above when getting a mammogram screening at Thomson Wellth Clinic! Visit their website below to learn how their expertise can help you spot early signs or even prevent breast cancer.

Paul Proulx