3 Types Of Aesthetic Treatment In Singapore

Society’s beauty standards are the leading cause of damage to our confidence and self-esteem. You can’t help but feel bad when women your age have flawless skin while yours seems to develop wrinkles every moment you breathe. Some people say that appearances shouldn’t matter as much as they do since beauty is found inside of you, but it still doesn’t change the fact that you don’t find yourself beautiful like the rest. Allowing this insecurity to fester won’t make you love yourself more. The only way to feel comfortable with your face is to make it happen. There is no shame in turning to an aesthetic treatment in Singapore to eliminate embarrassment.

Aesthetic clinics exist to give people a chance to change particular parts of their faces. In an aesthetic clinic, you can have your lips look fuller and your nose look slimmer with the use of a specific treatment known as injectables. They have the capability to either correct flaws or improve parts that look average in comparison to others. However, before paying a visit, you should know what specific treatments are listed under an aesthetic clinic.

1. Collagen Plus

Multiple collagen treatments are available in an aesthetic clinic, one of which is called ‘Collagen Plus’. Collagen Plus is a procedure that requires doctors to trigger a response under your skin that leads to the regenerative process known for producing fresh collagen. As time passes, collagen levels in the skin decrease. In response to this, professionals attempted to understand how collagen functions to find a way to increase those levels. This collagen treatment for the face helps protect and nourish your skin by boosting collagen levels, improving skin hydration and elasticity, and reducing wrinkles.

2. Collagen Medi Facial

Collagen medi facial in Singapore is a treatment that caters to all skin types. It is beneficial to your dermis by lending a hand in naturally producing collagen in the body, which creates firmer and softer skin by replenishing moisture, tightening saggy skin by treating skin laxity, stimulating collagen, encouraging new cell growth, and smoothing fine lines on the face. It treats several skin conditions, including wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone. In this method, devices and techniques like microcurrents, photo rejuvenation, peels, dermaplaning, and LED therapy are used for more effective results.

3. Derma Fillers

Aside from medi facial treatment in Singapore, there are also treatments known as derma fillers. Derma fillers are injectables that smooth lines and return the volume lost from your face, which helps restore your appearance into something more youthful. They can lift your cheekbones, smoothen under-eye circles, add volume to your lips, eliminate lip lines, and rejuvenate your hands. The benefits gained from this treatment is the fact there is minimal to no downtime, less risks, and the effects last longer. If any part of your face has lost its volume, this is the suitable treatment that doesn’t require you to go through surgery just to make changes on your face.

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Clare Louise