Why You Should Get Dentures

Why You Should Get Dentures

Tooth loss leads to gaps in your mouth, resulting in low self-esteem. However, dentures Waterford correct tooth loss by filling the gaps and improving your confidence. Although dentures might be a temporary solution for teeth loss, it improves your self-esteem, makes chewing possible, and promotes better oral health. The dentures are ideal if you have loose teeth, which require extraction or if you have lost the teeth. They are cheap and highly customizable to meet your aesthetic needs. Here are reasons to get dentures at the dentist’s office.

Dentures Fix Gaps in the Dental Arch

Lost teeth impact how you feel about yourself and can affect your social life. However, you can fix the gaps with dentures, as they are easily available and highly customizable. The gaps in your arch can lead to speech improvement and affect your diet. It is hard to chew hard food when you have gaps, and this limits your nutritional intake.

They are Cheap

You would want to find a cheap solution for fixing teeth, especially if dental implants are out of your financial reach. Dentures are cheaper than implants but do the same work. The dentures are temporary, and you would not undergo complicated invasive procedures to fit them into your mouth. Moreover, you will not pay much for the dentist to fit the dentures into your mouth as they only customize them and deliver them to you. After the customization process, the dentist teaches you how to fit and detach the dentures from the arch,

They are Easy to Clean

Dentures are easy to clean as they require the same care as the other teeth on the arch. However, during cleaning, you would pop them out of the arch and use a non-abrasive brush and toothpaste to scrape the food particles from its surface. Once done, you would place them in a saline solution to clean the bacteria and let them air dry. Once the dentures are clean, you can store them in the holding case to avoid contamination. Your dentures will last longer if you brush the teeth thoroughly to avoid contaminating the clean dentures. Better oral hygiene leads to better oral health and prevents associated health conditions like stroke.

Dentures are Highly Customizable

You can customize the dentures to have the same shape and color as the other teeth on the arch. It might be difficult for another person to know when you have dentures unless you tell them. They fit snugly in the space left behind by the lost teeth and will merge with the shape of the gums.

They Prevent Teeth Crookedness

Teeth are likely to become crooked when you develop gaps as they move around in the jawline. The lost teeth create space for the other teeth to move around, but you can prevent the movement with dentures.

Teeth loss lowers your self-esteem, but you can fill the gaps with dentures that restore your smile. The dentures are temporary, cheap, and ideal for everyone and can be a temporary solution before you get dental implants. Dentures prevent tooth crookedness, resulting in an overgrowth of bacteria that result in cavities and oral odors. Moreover, they brighten your smile as they are highly customizable, easy to clean, and will fill the gaps left by lost teeth.

Martin Dupuis