Which are the Common Heartburn Myths that Most People Have Believed in

Which are the Common Heartburn Myths that Most People Have Believed in

Most individuals have ever suffered from heartburn at one point in their life. When the person has heartburn, they have burning chest pain behind the breastbone, usually occurring after eating, bending over, or lying. Even though heartburn is a common condition and seizes naturally, it could be a cause for alarm if it occurs persistently. You should seek treatment if you have heartburn Plano before the condition worsens. If you are looking towards having treatment, the following are the common myths you should stop believing.

It is Only Spicy Food that Causes Acid Reflux

Spicy food such as spicy salsa is likely to cause a burning sensation. However, the cause of acid reflux is likely to vary from person to person. For instance, some people feel this sensation when they have fatty, greasy, or rich foods such as bacon, coffee, and alcohol. Moreover, other non-food-related triggers could be diabetes, asthma, connective tissue disorders, or smoking.

Medications are the Only Treatment

Most people believe that they can only treat heartburn through medication. Even though medicine is one of the most used treatments, there are other treatments. For instance, the person can treat the condition by embracing lifestyle changes. For example, when the person loses the excess weight, they are likely to relieve the pressure exposed to the abdomen, which could be the main cause of the reflux.

Mints Help to Prevent Heartburn

One of the common myths that people are advised is if they are experiencing heartburn, they should eat mints after dinner. However, rather than alleviating your condition, mints are likely to increase the risk of the symptoms. The main reason is that peppermint relaxes the individual’s sphincter muscles closing the stomach from the esophagus. This relaxation will cause your stomach to release the acid back to the esophagus worsening the heartburn.

Heartburns are Signs of a Heart Attack or Heart Condition

If the person experiences pain in their chest, they are likely to suspect both heartburn or a heart attack. The main reason is both heart attacks, and heartburns have similar symptoms. However, even though the signs could match, the causes are entirely different. In most instances, heartburn results from the acid escaping from the individual’s esophagus, not a heart condition.

Milk Helps to Alleviate Heartburn

After most people say they have heartburn, the common advice is to take milk. The milk would indeed mitigate it quickly and trigger them later. For instance, cow milk has a large amount of fat that can trigger the individual’s stomach to produce more acid, which could cause heartburn. You should avoid dairy products such as yogurt or milk if you have heartburn.

Heartburn is a common condition that affects most people, causing them to normalize it. Even though most people could view it as normal, it could have long-term impacts if they are left unattended. Moreover, some people have tried to control heartburn by employing natural measures. However, these measures are not scientifically and medically backed, worsening the condition. To end heartburn, you should visit a specialist since they will employ scientifically proven treatments.

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