What Should You Know About Strep and Flu Testing

What Should You Know About Strep and Flu Testing

Most people can easily recover from the flu within a week, but there are risk factors that may put you in need of testing. On the other hand, strep throat infections with flu-like symptoms lead to further health complications if left untreated. Therefore, to rule out the chances of having a life-threatening issue, you can seek flu & strep Sugar Land testing and treatment. Your doctor may recommend different types of tests to check for the presence of flu and strep throat infections.

Rapid Antigen Tests

The tests are common for checking the presence of strep bacteria and flu in your throat using a swab sample. Your doctor will check if there are strep and flu antigens, which, if found, will mean you have the infections. Rapid tests are usually quick and can provide results in less than 30 minutes. However, rapid tests may not be accurate as other flu tests. Thus your doctor may recommend a throat culture to check for strep.

Throat Culture

Your doctor inserts a sterile swab into the back of your throat to get samples for testing in the lab. You may not experience any pain during this procedure, but you may experience gagging. Throat culture identifies strep A bacteria. The results of this test may take up to 48 hours for a more accurate diagnosis. Strep A tries to identify if your sore throat symptoms are from a viral infection.

What Can You Expect During a Strep and Flu Test?

You may need this test if you show symptoms like severe sore throat, pain, difficulty swallowing, high fever, and swollen lymph nodes. You may also develop rough red rashes that may spread to your body after a few days of strep infection, so your doctor may recommend testing. You will tilt your head and open your mouth during the test. Your doctor will then hold down your tongue using a tongue depressor then use a sterile swab to collect a sample. Your doctor will take the sample for rapid testing and may do a second collection for throat culture testing. Flu tests can also use a swab test from your throat and nose. Additionally, your doctor may use a nasal wash for a flu test, a saline solution, and gentle suction to take it out. There are serious risks attached to these tests, except a tickle during nose swabs and gagging for throat swabs.

What are The Possible Results of the Tests?

Your sample may bring a positive result, meaning you have the infection. You will require treatment options for your symptoms. You can also have a negative result, meaning no infection. However, you can also have an invalid result meaning an error, requiring another test.

If you and your child have symptoms, you can schedule your flu and strep testing today at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital. The tests are quick and painless, and the team will ensure you are comfortable through the process. You can also ask any questions during your visits. You can call the facility, visit the website to request your appointment, and get your test.

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