Trigger Point Therapy for Pain Management

Trigger Point Therapy for Pain Management

There are majority of people, who struggle with daily muscle pain and tension. It obstructs their mobility and daily activities. Trigger point therapy addresses these issues and promotes pain relief & improved mobility.

Trigger points are specific areas within a connective tissue or muscle displaying hyper irritability to touch, which causes the referred pain.

It means pain is felt in a different part of your body. For example, you can feel headache even if the trigger point is in the upper shoulder blade.

Trigger point therapy addresses these sensitive areas. At Carlsbad Massage Reset, you can get the trigger point nodules or knots released.

Carlsbad’s best massage therapist deactivates the trigger points, which ultimately reduces the pain and stiffness.

Trigger point therapy helps in pain management of conditions like –

  • Headaches & migraines– Headaches are due to trigger points located in the neck, upper back, and scalp. Trigger point therapy releases the underlying muscle tension and offers pain relief.
  • Lower back pain– The Piriformis muscle is located deep in your buttocks. When it tightens, you struggle with sciatica pain. Trigger point manipulation in this area provides relief.

  • Fibromyalgia– It is a chronic condition that causes muscle tenderness and widespread pain. Trigger point therapy released knots from specific pain points, which helps in pain management.
  • Sports injuries– Injuries due to muscle overuse and strain often lead to trigger points. Early intervention can help to promote quick healing and recovery.

Besides pain relief, trigger point therapy offers multiple benefits.

  • Enhanced circulation– Tight muscles restrict blood flow. TPT helps to release the tension and allows blood to flow with ease, enhancing your energy levels and reducing fatigue.
  • Better flexibility & mobility– Tight and knotted muscles limit your ability to move freely. Deactivating the trigger points improves flexibility and motion range. You can perform daily activities and workouts much better.
  • Reduces stress– Muscle tension often accompanies emotional stress. With trigger point therapy the muscle tension is released. You feel more relaxed and calm.
  • Better sleep– Pain and uneasiness can significantly hinder your sleep. Reducing pain and promoting relaxation, TRT helps to regain better sleep quality.


  • Manual Therapy – The Therapist applies sustained pressure on the trigger point directly using fingers, thumbs, elbows or some special tool. The pressure is held for some duration to allow the tension in the knot to deactivate.
  • Ischemic compression –Deep pressure is applied on the trigger point for a short duration, followed by a period of relaxation. The cycle is repeated several times to achieve optimal results.
  • Spray and stretch –The area around the trigger point is number with a cold spray, followed by stretching the effected muscle. It is helpful for particularly sensitive areas.
  • Dry needling –In this advanced technique, thin needles are inserted into the trigger point to stimulate the healing response and release tension.
  • Self-massage– A massage ball or foam roller is used at home to target the trigger points. You must avoid excessive pressure and use proper technique. Before you try self-massage consult your doctor, especially if you have specific medical condition.

Trigger point therapy can help in pain management and better mobility!

Martin Dupuis