Top Five Tips to Prepare for The Joint Replacement Surgery

Top Five Tips to Prepare for The Joint Replacement Surgery

Have you ever experienced pain in your knee or your hip? If your answer is yes, I can attest that the pain session is devastating and disturbing. Usually, the pain episodes can interfere with your quality of life and lower your productivity at work. Alongside the pain, you may also worry about downtime after the procedure. However, if you opt for joint replacement surgery, you should not worry anymore since modern technology advancements guarantee same day discharge Oklahoma City to the patients after the joint surgery. Here are some of the tips to prepare for joint replacement surgery.

Undergo the physical exams

Many individuals often underrate regular physical tests by their primary health care. It would be best if you were not one of them. Always seek frequent tests on your body, especially when anticipating joint surgery. In this case, your results will be crucial in giving the health care providers a clue about your overall health. Once the providers trace the health complications, it becomes easy to avoid the increased risks in the course of the surgery and also after the procedure.

Choose the support individuals

Every surgical operation requires emotional and mental preparedness. You may feel low and anxious when expecting joint surgery, especially when you are having the procedure for the first time. Therefore, you should look for supportive members from your family or friends. This individual will provide moral support to you before the procedure and when you are discharged home, thus enhancing the smooth recovery.

Attend the preoperative learning session

Undergoing surgical procedures without knowing what to expect is one of the triggers of tension on the day of surgery. Therefore, you should interact with your orthopedic surgeon in the preoperative learning classes to gain insight into the procedure and the requirements concerning the recovery period after discharge. In most cases, the orthopedic surgeons also allow the support individuals to attend this session to grasp what you could miss.

Cut down the excessive weight

Whenever you anticipate hip or joint replacement therapy, it is vital to reduce excessive weight. The build-up of fats in the upper body usually increases stress on your knees, which can interfere with the healing after you are discharged from the hospital. Therefore, you should avoid processed meals or replace them with vegetables and fruits. Also, it would help if you exercised, such as slight stretching, to strengthen the muscles around your joints, thus boosting your recovery.

Bank your blood

Sometimes the joint replacement surgery procedure may involve blood transfusion. In such cases, you should bank your blood with your healthcare provider before undergoing surgery. This exercise will ensure that the surgeons provide you with your blood which helps to reduce the chances of complications. If your banked blood falls short of your requirements, the orthopedics will organize for you to receive blood from other individuals.

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