Top 6 Dermatologist Tips For A Healthy Summer Skin

Top 6 Dermatologist Tips For A Healthy Summer Skin

As the scorching summer rolls around, your skin starts experiencing changes and screaming for more protection. However, your skin has a love-hate relationship with the sun. On the one hand, your skin desperately needs vitamin D from the sun, and on the other, the sun can fry your skin. Summer poses unimaginable dangers to your skin, and having protective measures will help safeguard your gorgeous look. Renowned dermatologist Dr. Martha Viera summarizes critical tips for protecting your skin during summer. Here are six skin protection tips for incorporating into your routine during summer.

1. Always wear sunscreen

The direct UV radiation from the sun can harm your skin even when it’s cloudy. Other than giving you a stubborn tan, it can result in premature aging, fine lines, age spots, and wrinkles. With sunscreen, your skin can counter the harmful sun rays leaving your skin safe. Good sunscreen is recommended to have an SPF of 30 and above. This is because it protects all skin types and is effective even indoors.

2. Go out at the right times

Solar energy during the day varies as per the time. Sometimes the rays are intense, while on others, they are less intense. For instance, solar energy is harmful during midday, but it’s accommodating early in the morning and late in the evening. Schedule your outdoor events before 10 am and after 4 pm when the effects are less severe.

3. Stay hydrated at all times

During summer, your body loses much water due to the temperature increase. If you don’t stay hydrated, your skin will likely have small openings due to its thirsty nature. Dry skin poses the risk of bacteria entry into your body. That being said, hydrated skin will retain its flexibility and won’t have a flaky, scaly, or chapped look. Water will keep your skin beautiful and complexion flawless and balance your body’s normal temperature. Be fond of regularly drinking fluids to maintain your skin appearance during summer. 

4. Adopt a good skincare routine

Having the discipline to make and implement a skincare routine will protect your skin against the summer rays. The key to evading the breakouts is cleaning the dead skin and wet oiling your skin often. Similarly, avoid body creams that interfere with the hot conditions since they can affect your skin.

5. Fine-tune your makeup consequently

During summer, your body tends to sweat, which can hamper your normal makeup. If you have heavily applied beauty products, swap for a tinted moisturizer or lighter products. Above all, look at all labels before purchasing a beauty product that will affect your skin. A heavy foundation won’t let your skin breathe and can be sticky. Additionally, you might consider wearing protective clothing with built-in UV protection.

6. Go an extra mile

While looking after your skin, you will protect your general health from harmful infections. Minimize sun exposure, hydrate, and eat lots of summer fruits for your good. If summer affects your skin’s condition, worry not since a team of professional dermatologists at Dr. Martha Viera Dermatology has your back. If any skin condition restricts your gorgeous look, consider booking your treatment session with us today.

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