Tiger Milk Mushroom – The Supplement That Holistic Healers Use From Treating Asthma

Tiger Milk Mushroom – The Supplement That Holistic Healers Use From Treating Asthma

Sclerotia lignosus rhinoceros or Tiger Milk Mushroom is a treasure that is found in the soil of Malaysia. In the ancient times, it was specifically used by tribes to treat anyone who suffered from asthma-like symptoms and common cough. 

Nutrizus sells 100% organically Tiger Milk Mushroom Supplement with the added goodness of Vitamin D and orange extract to give your respiratory health a good boost. Based in Singapore, they ship to all pin codes in Singapore, the UK, and the USA. Their supplements are quality tested and certified and have helped many people suffering from asthma and other respiratory complaints till now. 

Benefits of consuming supplements of Tiger Milk Mushroom

The sclerotium of this mushroom has a milky taste and is white which gives this mushroom its name. It is this sclerotium that gives the mushroom medicinal properties. More recently, many holistic healers have made this supplement popular again because of its healing properties. 

Even science backs up its benefits now and reports that the supplement is a storehouse of many essential vitamins (B1, B2, D, and Niacin), potassium, selenium, fiber, and Beta-Glucan. 

Tiger Milk Mushroom benefits are not just limited to respiratory health. This medicinal supplement also provides a good boost to the immune system and reduces chronic inflammation in our bodies which is very common in most people today because of the lifestyle we follow. 

Following are some benefits that you can expect to get from this supplement:

  1. Treats respiratory symptoms:
  • It reduces symptoms of allergies including allergic respiratory responses like mucous production and cough. 
  • It helps asthmatics by relaxing the airways. 
  • It is also helpful in treating allergic rhinitis and sinusitis-related symptoms. 
  • For chronic smokers, this supplement is a boon as relaxation effects on the bronchus. 
  • The same applies to people whose lungs are constantly exposed to heavy pollution resulting in bronchitis. 
  1. It is a natural anti-inflammatory substance:
  • We live in polluted environment, eat junk food, and lead very stressful life. 
  • All this exposes our body to chronically increased levels of inflammatory markers. 
  • High inflammation in the body is known to cause joint pain and many other lifestyle-related disorders. 
  • Thus, by consuming this supplement which is a very potent anti-inflammatory substance, you give your body a chance to heal. 
  1. It is high in anti-oxidants:
  • Being rich in antioxidants, it can reduce the free radicals in our bodies responsible for premature aging that many of us face today.
  1. It has immune-boosting properties:
  • The Glycan linkages present in this supplement are known to have immuno-modulating properties. 
  • It increases the production of neutrophils and macrophages that strengthens the disease-fighting capacity of our body. 
  • It is also known to regulate the production of cytokines which is again a stimulatory agent for our immune system. 

Overall, the tiger milk mushroom in its supplement form helps us in fighting illnesses and revitalizes our entire body. It helps in reducing the oxidative stress that accumulates in our body daily and hence also prevents the premature occurrence of many signs of aging.

Jacques Bedard