Things to Consider While Getting Compression Garments

Things to Consider While Getting Compression Garments

Lymphedema is a condition where the lymph in the body is not circulated properly and collects in certain areas causing swelling and pain to the person. There are some kinds of garments which could be worn during this time and those help in reducing the swelling and relieves the wearer from a lot of pain. These are called compression garments. There are several kinds of compression garments for lymphedema which could be purchased to serve the purpose. Given below are some of the things you should take care of while getting compression garments for yourself.

What are the things to consider while getting compression garments?

  • Kind of swelling – The very first thing that you should consider while getting compression garments for lymphedema is the kind of swelling you have. You might have swelling in your arms, legs, fingers or around your chest or breast. You should the compression garments in accordance to your requirements. If you do not get the right kind of compression garment for your situation, you would not be able to gain much benefits from them.
  • Amount of pressure – Proper compression garments for lymphedema help in reducing slight swellings. However, it is important that you put in the right amount of pressure on the swelling. This information would be given to you correctly by your doctor. If this is not properly done, your swelling would not reduce as much as it would have in case you had worn the right garment. The garments would not be able to work on the swelling or pain effectively and would ultimately have no positive influence on your health.
  • Size of clothes – Like any piece of clothing, the size of compression garments is also a key factor. The compression garments which you would purchase should be of a proper size so that they could serve the purpose of what they have been bought for. This is also essential for wearing the most comfortable compression garments. This is essential because the garments would be a part of your attire on a daily basis.
  • Quality of product – Like any piece of clothing, it is important that you go for the best quality compression garments available in the market. This is important because good quality garments would retain their compression for long and would not require any kind of replacement. This would also relieve you of the expenditure of buying compression garments on a regular basis.
  • Pricing of the products – You should also look at the amount of money you would need to pay to buy the compression garments. It is important that you do not compromise anything with regards to quality just for the low prices. Getting for some at a cheap price would ultimately force you to get your cheap garment replaced. That would make you spend more money over some time in turn. It is definitely better to spend more money at the beginning and keep the garment for long.
  • Look and feel – The compression wear you purchase should look good and be comfortable to wear at the same time. This would help you wear the compression wear unhesitatingly in style. If the compression garments you purchase are not good looking enough, you might not feel good enough to wear them.
  • Delivery options – The store you have selected to get your compression wear should be able to deliver your products on time. This becomes important in such situations where your need for such garments is urgent. Quick delivery of items also signify that the store is a good one and sells good quality products. This would ensure that the products which you would purchase from this store are good. 


The above mentioned points are some of the basic things which you would need to take care so as to ensure that you not only get some good quality compression garments but also that those clothes are suitable for you and last you a long time. There might be some unique requirements for your garments. In such a situation, you should not hesitate to contact the store and pass on the information. You would most definitely be guided on how you should approach your purchase and what would be the best choices for your use.

Johnny Burrell