The Leading Causes of Female Infertility

The Leading Causes of Female Infertility

What runs into your mind when you hear that a person is infertile? Infertility is a condition where a fails to get pregnant regardless of having frequent unprotected sex for at least a year. Even though both men and women can have infertility, women are mostly blamed by society. These women suffer from other mental issues, such as depression. Most female infertility cases are difficult to diagnose. Some infertility cases can be corrected, and the woman can conceive. Most women having Houston Infertility are recovering after the treatment process. The following are the common causes of female infertility.

Damage to the Fallopian Tubes

 After sex, the sperm will have to pass through the fallopian tube to reach the ovary. However, if the fallopian tube is blocked or damaged, it will hinder the sperm from getting to the egg. Furthermore, it can limit the fertilized egg from passing through the uterus. One cause of the damaged fallopian tube is pelvic inflammatory disease, an infection that affects the fallopian tube due to sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and chlamydia.


This is a situation where the individual’s tissue grows in the uterus implants. When this tissue grows, the person can have scarring, which can block the fallopian tubes preventing the sperm and egg from uniting. In other instances, the condition can interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. Moreover, endometriosis can damage the individual’s fertility in less-direct ways, such as damaging the egg and the sperm.

Ovulation Disorders

This is the process that affects the release of eggs and the ovaries. Some causes include hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovary syndrome. Moreover, the person can have hyperprolactinemia, and excess prolactin hormone, which stimulates breast milk production. This hormone interferes with the individual’s ovulation. Furthermore, excess or less thyroid can affect the menstrual cycle or lead to infertility.

Uterine or Cervical Causes

Various uterine and cervical causes can hinder egg implanting or boost the risk of miscarriage. For instance, a person can have an unusually shaped uterus which can increase the problems of getting or remaining pregnant. The person can also suffer from cervical stenosis where the cervix is narrowed, resulting from a damaged cervix or inherited malformation. There is where the cervix fails to produce the best mucus type, which will help to swim through the cervix to the uterus.

Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

This condition is also referred to as early menopause. It is where the ovaries stop working early than expected, causing the menstruation to end before 40 years. Even though its cause has not yet been established, some main factors are immune system diseases. Moreover, the person is likely to suffer from radiation and chemotherapy treatment effects.

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