Reversing Neuropathy Naturally Is Possible

Reversing Neuropathy Naturally Is Possible

Neuropathy, also called neuralgia or neuritis, is a kind of pain that involves the nerves. Neuropathy may be the result of infection, nerve degeneration, pressure, or inflammation. The condition can be due to pressure from spinal discs, carpal tunnel syndrome, pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis.

Traditionally, practitioners treat neuropathy symptoms with medications; however, reversing neuropathy naturally is possible and allows patients to avoid drug side effects. Holistic providers offer a three-step process that heals nerves and can improve patients’ lives dramatically.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy impacts the body’s peripheral nerve health. Peripheral nerves branch out from the central nervous system and extend to the toes and fingertips through the body. When the nerves are damaged, they cannot transmit sensory information, which leads to a range of painful symptoms. The pain can affect various parts of the body, and symptoms depend on the area with nerve damage.

Possible additional symptoms may include weakness, sensitivity to touch, sound, or light, and loss of reflexes. Some patients feel numbness or tingling or muscle cramping. The disease can lead to bone degeneration and changes in skin, hair, and nails.

Causes of Neuropathy

Symptoms associated with neuropathy are linked to nerve damage, which can have various causes. Some of the most common include:

  • Traumatic injuries
  • Alcohol abuse
  • A vitamin deficiency
  • Diabetes and unhealthy blood sugar levels
  • Immunological conditions
  • Radiation and chemotherapy
  • Viral infections
  • Poor blood circulation

There Is a Natural Three-Step Solution

Doctors generally prescribe drugs that treat neuropathy symptoms and side effects. Medications are often used to reduce or eliminate depression, headaches, and local pain. However, medicines can have side effects and do not address the underlying causes of the condition, so many patients choose a holistic approach that can reverse the disease naturally using a three-step process.

Step One: Target the Nerves

A natural program strengthens balance and joints, targets nerves directly, and uses nutrition to increase well-being and encourage nerve healing. The process reduces inflammation and activates nerve signal pathways to promote recovery and eliminate pain. It also activates stem cells, which also encourages healing.

Step Two: Physical Therapy

A holistic approach also includes physical therapy designed to stretch and strengthen tissues and relieve pain. Vibration balance enhances stability by improving brain-to-body communication. This approach creates a stronger body and gives nerve function a healthy workout, too.

Step Three: Nutrition Therapy

The program uses a targeted nutrition program to increase overall well-being and address underlying issues. Patients’ diets are designed to improve cellular health, blood sugar levels, and nitric oxide levels. A nutritional approach also provides cardiovascular detox and can reduce inflammation.

When used together, the three steps can reduce symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. They can also entirely reverse the condition holistically and naturally.

Millions of patients suffer from peripheral neuropathy caused by nerve damage. The condition can lead to a range of symptoms, including pain in various body parts. Traditional practitioners often treat symptoms with drugs. However, a three-step holistic approach can reverse the neuropathy and increase patient wellness. Instead of just treating symptoms, the program allows patients’ nerves to heal naturally.

Martin Dupuis