Massage Guns: How to use one

Massage Guns: How to use one

Just in case you are yet to find out, a massage gun is your portable masseur. You can use a massage gun to get good, powerful massages anytime and anywhere. Don’t let the word ‘gun’ in the name confuse you. It does not shoot anything. Massage therapy is the only purpose that you can use it for. With endorsements from athletes and fitness trainers, massage guns enjoy household popularity. But like all tools, it works but only if you know how to use it.

How do massage guns function

There are two main principles on which a massage gun can work. One is called vibration therapy and the other is percussive therapy. Both have their advantages. Sometimes both are used simultaneously. At the core, they are different types of soft tissue manipulation that reduce soreness by removing lactic acid from the muscle and allowing better blood flow.

In percussive therapy, adhesion in the muscle is removed by the application of force. The massage gun needs to reach deep into the soft tissue to become effective.

Vibration therapy is also an application of force but on a much smaller scale. The force does not need to penetrate into deep tissue. This kind of massage is a better option for people with chronic pain.

How to use a massage gun

Massage guns can yield great results if used properly. On the other hand, improper use can result in injuries as well.

If you are an athlete or if you like to do workouts, massage guns can act as a warm-up and cool-down method. Before a workout, increased blood flow in the muscle can warm them up and allow better mobility.

Some massage guns, like SKG Mini Massage gun F5, can even produce heat to warm up muscles. You can control the level of heat as well. Massage guns also help to mask pain signals to the brain, so the nerves can relax after a workout. It also allows oxygen and other nutrients to reach your fatigued muscle.

You must have experienced some level of muscle soreness due to a workout or heavy use of a particular muscle. A massage gun can reduce the soreness to some extent by applying pressure or vibration to the target area. You should take some caution so that this does not cause any pain. An option can be to have a massage gun having a customizable setting of force applied. SKG Mini F5 Massage Gun allows different settings for the different forces. It also provides different massage heads which allow the therapy in the difficult-to-reach area.

How not to use a massage gun

Massage guns are generally considered a safe tool. But in case you have arthritis or osteoporosis, consult a doctor before using one. Avoid using it on bone areas, injuries, or open wounds. Also, be aware of the noise it makes and try not to use it in places like the library, clinic, etc.  SKG Mini F5 massage gun keeps the noise level under control by using a 5V brushless motor.

Massage guns can be a wonderful integral part of your exercise and recovery routine. But unless used properly, applying a force to your muscle can cause problems.

Johnny Burrell