Maintain your Skin Health with Aha 15 Face Cream and Vitamin C Cream

Maintain your Skin Health with Aha 15 Face Cream and Vitamin C Cream

Keeping proper care of your skin is important especially now since the contaminants are present in abundance in the atmosphere. Your skin encounters several pollutants on a daily basis that damage the skin and affect the skin tone. They are also the primary reason for dry and dehydrated skin conditions. The Aha 15 Face Cream consists of AHA and BHA along with fruit acids. It helps to remove scars from the body and prevents ageing by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The Vitamin C Cream improves the texture of the skin by removing excessive dryness and dark spots. It is known to brighten up the skin and provide glow to the skin tone. You can use both the Aha 15 Face Cream and the Vitamin C Cream together to protect your skin against harmful UV rays and sun damage.

Both the creams allow you to maintain decent condition of your skin and prevent any unwanted damage or dryness. There are multiple benefits of the cream with minimal side effects. The following includes some facts and directions to use the product:

  • The Aha 15 Face Cream and Vitamin C Cream are to be applied directly on your face and neck. Rub the cream gently on the skin to remove dark spots and damage. Keep massaging with the cream until it gets absorbed by the skin.
  • They should always be stored at room temperature in a dark place. High temperature can damage the composition of the cream and destroy the potency of the product.
  • The key ingredients of the products include aqua, kaolin, glycerin, sodium cetearyl sulphate and cetearyl alcohol.

The Aha 15 Face Cream and Vitamin C Cream provide nourishment to your skin by removing dryness and damage. They whiten and brighten the skin tone and help to remove the dark spots and scars from the body. They provide a glow to your skin that makes you feel young again. 

The Aha 15 Face Cream and Vitamin C cream softens your skin and prevents ageing. They are suitable for all skin types and highly beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin.


Martin Dupuis